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Consent Management in sync with your strategy

We provide full support in the setup of a Consent Management System that aligns your business interests with your legal obligations.

Fully customizable

Use a variety of predefined layouts & texts and customize them to fit your legal requirements and your Corporate Identity.

Your user can always control and adapt the privacy settings

  • The experience of our interface is simple and effective
  • Users can always opt-in and opt-out and understand the background of the privacy settings
  • The webmaster provides all necessary and legally required information
  • Webmasters are able to update individually and specifically the consent management

Intuitive interface

Provide a simple and consistent user experience to display and update consents and therefore build more trust.

Legally compliant

Make use of ongoing free product updates for upcoming changes of legal requirements e.g. court decisions, new regulations.

Usercentrics allows you to control consent for all your channels

  • We enable cross domain cookie sharing
  • We deliver to both websites and apps
  • You are able to transfer the consent into your CRM
  • You are able to deliver the consent for all channels

Multi-Channel ready

Setup your Consent Management System once and instantly use it across multiple channels e.g. (sub-)domains, apps.


Adjust your setup in seconds to a stricter or weaker interpretation of ever changing legal requirements.

Our customers are able to act quickly on legal regulations

  • Webmasters are able to update the consent management individually and specifically
  • Webmasters can always change the privacy settings with just a few clicks
  • You are able to specifically adjust settings for countries and domains
  • Your inhouse teams (marketing and legal) are able to react quickly on regulations like ePrivacy
  • You can always add or delete technical providers like Google, Criteo etc.
  • You can edit the way the consent is triggered by default and you can choose if the consent is shown or not

IAB Framework compatible

Secure your advertising revenue by complying with the growing market adoption of the IAB consent standard (more info).

Any Questions?

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at any time! We will answer your questions immediately. Or schedule a demo if you want to see our Consent Management Platform in action.

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