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Compliance with Data Privacy regulations

Staying compliant with current data privacy regulations is crucial for any business and website owner as of May 25th 2018.

Hosting in EU

Host your users' consents on secure and reliable servers located in the heart of Europe.

We enable a secure processing of data according to EU standards

  • We host the data for our Consent Management Platform in Europe
  • We are compliant with EU regulations
  • We follow all regulations for hosting and data exchange

Technology Description Templates

Access our growing database including all Privacy Policy relevant and up-to-date descriptions of several hundred technologies.

Full Version Control

Approve the version of technology templates, the application and the settings to be used on your website.

We allow you to control the different versions of Usercentrics

  • You can see when consent was given with a time stamp
  • You can prove the privacy configuration of our CMP for any given time stamp
  • We enable you to "rollback" to any prior version of your CMP

Your users will be informed of all tracking technologies you use on your website

  • With GDPR, you have to inform your users on the data flow (e.g. from your website to tracking technologies)
  • We support you with the clarification of the purpose of the collected data, its attributes and its scope
  • You are able to show “piggybacked” technologies like DoubleClick from a YouTube video

Fulfill Information Duty

Inform your users in detail about technologies which are being loaded by other technologies (piggybacking).

Auditible documentation

Provide proof as to which consent was given by a user, at what time, and to which versions of settings & technology descriptions.

You can prove at what time, which consent was given

  • With our backend you have the full control over the consent management
  • You are able to change and adapt the management of consent at any time
  • We deliver reports to help you to create transparency on your privacy settings

Usercentrics allows you to detect privacy breaches and act quickly

  • We offer you an analysis of the onboarding to make sure no tracking technologies get forgotten
  • We offer a real time scan of your implemented technologies and check them with your privacy settings
  • You receive alerts if we notice any kind of inconsistencies between your technologies and privacy settings

Real-Time Scan

Detect potential privacy breaches on your website early with our real-time technology scan.

Any Questions?

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at any time! We will answer your questions immediately. Or schedule a demo if you want to see our Consent Management Platform in action.

Privacy made in Bavaria, Germany

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