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Designed for scaling and heavy loads

We make the implementation of your Consent Management Platform easy with intuitive APIs, technical support and documentation.

Standard script-tag

Include our script like any other script on your website, directly in the page or through a Tag Management System.

Access the status of the consent given via your data layer

  • Whether it is the status of the consent, the data purpose or the data scope: all information will be provided via the data layer
  • You can easily embed your privacy policy via Usercentrics
  • If you want to share the consent, you can connect your CRM to our Consent Management Platform (CMP)

Easy data exchange

Fast loading

Expect the script to load within milliseconds all across the world - backed & delivered by a large scale CDN.

Usercentrics helps you to avoid any problems with page load time

  • We intend to reduce the load time with our scripts as much as possible
  • We offer asynchronous loading
  • We use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) in Europe to reduce response time
  • The size of our script is only about 250 KB

Our server infrastructure is able to cover more than 100k consents per second

  • Our Servers serve our GraphQL API e.g. to receive requests for storing consents. They are scaled on demand within several seconds
  • 30.000 Queries per second per default, which could equal up to several hundred thousand consents per second. Once we reach that limit, or if there is a specific need for it, we can increase it to up to 1.000.000 Mio. QPS.
  • Response time in Europe can typically be expected to be within a couple of Milliseconds.
  • The App (JavaScript files) and the Settings (JSON files) are delivered through the Google CDN (Content Delivery Network) and therefore with almost "endless scaling".
  • Files are “cached” in the browser and the servers for quite some time- reducing the amount of requests and at the same time increases the perceived response time of each requests.

Reliable scaling

We make the implementation of your Consent Management Platform easy and intuitive with API's, technical support and full documentation.

Highly robust

Keep your CMP stable even if complications arise e.g. network connectivity - as essential data is maintained in local storage.

We have the infrastructure to avoid data loss and downtimes

  • We have a infrastructure to avoid data loss and downtimes
  • All consent is secured in the cloud in Europe
  • The consent will be always safe, even if we experience a downtime through the use of your users local storage
  • You can host the Consent Management Platform (CMP) on premise or on your own servers

We offer an API to transfer and extract the consent information

  • All data is accessable via the data layer
  • This is the avalaible information you will receive via the data layer
    • Consent status
    • Controller
    • Processor
    • Description
    • iabId
    • Legal ground
    • Sub consents
    • and much much more!

Extensive API

Connect to your Consent Management Solution through an onpage JS-API and an offpage GraphQL-API.

Any Questions?

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at any time! We will answer your questions immediately. Or schedule a demo if you want to see our Consent Management Platform in action.

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