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Data Management, Marketing and Compliance - The new supreme discipline for Marketers

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The new era of privacy has created complexity for organizations in every industry. It’s a given that today’s consumer expects true personalization from every business they interact with, not just from digital-native businesses like Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify. At the same time, consumers are more conscious of their data privacy than ever. 97% of consumers are somewhat or very concerned about protecting their data. If organizations can achieve this balance of privacy and personalization, it can turn into a massive strategic advantage.

For this reason, numerous companies use tag management systems such as Tealium iQ. Such a system makes it possible to control and manage customer data and martech providers across web, mobile, and IoT-connected devices.

However, focusing only on data collection is no longer sufficient, because since May 2018, the GDPR stipulates that personal data may only be collected with the explicit consent of the user.

This is where consent management platforms come into play – CMPs make it possible to obtain and manage user consent in a GDPR-compliant manner. In this webinar, we would like to introduce you to the integration between Usercentrics and Tealium iQ with the help of a short demo. This solution reduces the manual effort immensely and reduces the risk of non-GDPR-compliant data collection and transfer to third-party providers.



Julian Llorente

Julian Llorente

Director of Product

Julian Llorente is Tealium’s Director of Product, Data Privacy. Julian brings a wealth of knowledge on data privacy as he spent the last several years navigating GDPR at the Lufthansa Group, where he was also responsible for the Harmonization of web data. He also has a masters in data science.

Tilman Harmeling - Usercentrics Team

Tilman Harmeling

Entrepreneur in Residence
Usercentrics GmbH

Before joining Usercentrics, Tilman Harmeling implemented a model for the optimization of electricity trading at the Technical University of Munich. Later he came to the GDPR and Privacy Tech topics. As Entrepreneur in Residence at Usercentrics GmbH, he is driving forward his own data-driven projects. One of his focus topics is Opt-in Analysis.

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