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on this page we offer the possibility to adjust the cookie settings individually. We, Usercentrics GmbH, as the Controller, take the protection of data very seriously. We would like to inform you which pseudonymised data we store and why we use it. It is a matter of principle that we strictly observe the legal requirements on data protection, in particular the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

At this point we would also like to talk about the beauty of cookies.
Cookies can be very useful. They were invented at that time to support the „intended“ use of the user in order to facilitate his work. A major advantage and main field of application is the storage of login data from social networks or e-mail accounts.

For example, access to the Usercentrics Dashboard can be made easier. Cookies are welcome helpers here. Everyone should therefore decide for himself how to deal with his cookies and how much service he would like to forego through cookies.

If you don’t want to do without the comfort of an intuitive website completely, you should find a middle course for yourself. Above all one should pay attention to whether the visited Internet page is trustworthy around then the correct decision to make. We believe in the „mature user“ and offer here the possibility of deciding for oneself which cookie settings everyone would like to make personally.

To improve the usercentrics customer experience and the usercentrics website, we only store access data without personal reference in the cookies mentioned below. These data are evaluated exclusively anonymously for the improvement of our offer and do not allow any conclusion on the person. And of course you can change the cookie settings on this page at any time.

Current Status

How to:

You can embed these through DIVs in your website. The Usercentrics JavaScript has to be already in your Tag Manager or directly on the website.


<div class=“uc-embed“ uc-layout=“2″ uc-data=“categoryName, description, toggle, toggleLabel, icon, title“>

General Optin:

<div class=“uc-embed“ uc-layout=“2″ uc-isSelectAll=“true“ uc-data=“categoryName, description, toggle, toggleLabel, icon, title“></div>

Link in category description „Here“ that opens info modal needs to be configured in Usercentrics Settings.

Only One Category:

You can embed this through DIVs in your website. The Usercentrics JavaScript has to be already in your Tag Manager or directly on the website.

One Specific Category:

<div class=“uc-embed“ uc-layout=“2″ uc-category-slug=“Essential“ uc-data=“categoryName, description, toggle, toggleLabel“>