With GDPR,

Consent Becomes Technical

You will need a Consent Management system rather sooner than later – Usercentrics helps you to set up a technical Consent Management that is compatible with your individual setup right from the start

Explore Our Architecture

Integrating Usercentrics is easy and we’ll be there for you at every step of the process


Learn more about the steps in the general onboarding and implementation process


Learn more about the technical integration process of the Usercentrics JavaScript Tag

Google Tag Manager

Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to integrate the Usercentrics tag in the GTM


Learn more about the architecture and how we secure to handle processing of millions of consents per second

Why Build With Usercentrics?

We provide you several easy ways to interact with our Consent as a Service

GraphQL API Interface

Rest API Interface

Manual Interface

The most modern approach for programmatic access, invented by facebook.
REST API as the de facto standard of how to programmatically talk to servers.
Doing it manually is sometimes crucial – that is why you can access a very simple interface to check consents.

Let’s Get Started

Build a great Consent Management System custom fit for your setup and strategy.