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Your Future-Proof Consent Management Platform

Usercentrics offers an innovative software solution for enterprises, publishers and agencies which enables you to obtain, manage and legally document the consent of your users for data processing purposes in a granular way. Both the technical implementation and the design are 100% customizable.

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How does the Usercentrics Consent Management Platform (CMP) work?

With a Consent Management Platform (CMP) you collect the consent of your website visitors and can use the data of your users in compliance with GDPR.

When choosing the appropriate Consent Management Platform, certain criteria must be considered: to the checklist.

It’s important to know that the respective CMP supports the IAB Transparency and Consent Framework. This framework is accepted as the standard framework and is already supported by a multitude of large advertising companies. Therefore personalized advertising through programmatic advertising will only be valid when a Consent ID is transmitted (read more).

Functionality of a Consent Management Platform (CMP)

How can I integrate the Usercentrics CMP into my website?

Both the setup and the integration of the Usercentrics software into your website is easily done. The CMP is 100% customizable. After configuring the JavaScript code it can either be integrated into your Tag Manager or directly into the website.

Manage consents comprehensively

In our Settings Dashboard you can set up the Usercentrics CMP according to the needs and requirements of your website: Whether in terms of design, wording or technical and legal granularity - you decide how the CMP should look like and work. The settings can be adjusted independently at any time within a few seconds.

Usercentrics Cookie Banner for GDPR compliant consent

Your individual Cookie Banner

Usercentrics convinces with an extremely high customizability. This concerns above all the adaptation of the banner to your CI. The Privacy Banner perfectly suits the overall appearance of your website and is perceived by the user as a part of it.

Optimization of opt-in rates

Gradually increase the opt-in rate of your website visitors using A / B testing of various designs and contents. The goal here is an opt-in rate of over 90%.

Over 200 enterprise features

Depending on your legal interpretation, an explicit or implicit request for consent is possible. You have the free choice about it all! You can also use our regular website monitoring to regularly identify new website technologies.

Usercentrics Privacy Center for managing consents

Why a Cookie Banner is not enough

After a website visitor has initially opted in or out in the integrated website technologies using the privacy banner, he or she can adjust these settings at any time using the Privacy Center. This is done by clicking on the appropriate Privacy Button which you can place anywhere on your website.

How does the Privacy Center work?

When accessing the Privacy Center website users will see a list of all (advertising) technologies used on the website depending on the chosen categorization logic. Via a checkbox, the user can now specify for each technology with just one click whether he or she accepts the corresponding purpose of the data processing or not. If the user gives his or her consent you may use the data of the user, if he or she does not, no tags are being fired. Therefore using our CMP you are always 100% GDPR compliant and don’t have to worry.

As a website operator, you can freely choose both the categorization of the technologies and their granularity.

100% Customizable

Due to the fact that the Privacy Center is always created in interaction with the Cookie Banner you have the possibility to set up and customize the design so that it seamlessly fits your CI. For the user it looks like it is indeed a part of the website, which has in turn a positive effect on the opt-in rate of your users.

Usercentrics Infocenter - inform website visitors completely about used technologies

Fulfill the right to be informed as well as the data retention requirements

Inform your users in detail about all technologies used on the website, including technologies that are "piggybacked" by other technologies. This information includes information on the processor and the purpose of data processing for each of the technologies.

In order to be able to fulfill your legal proof in the future as well, Usercentrics stores the respective versioned consent including legal texts and technology purposes. The Usercentrics CMP documents all information in redundant data centers for a legally given period of 6 years. Thereby, in the case of an upcoming audit you are always legally safe.

Benefit from our comprehensive Consent database

Our own Usercentrics Consent database includes more than 600 technologies. You will benefit from a lot of additional information that goes far beyond the information that can be found in the IAB database for instance. For our international customers all data protection texts are available in more than 20 languages!

We automatically create your privacy policy

With the Usercentrics CMP your privacy policy is always up to date - and fully automated! On request you can integrate the texts for the individual technologies directly into your privacy policy. The update is done automatically by Usercentrics (more info).

Why do you need the consent of your users

Restrictions on the collection and processing of personal data

Data protection laws, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (in force since the end of May 2018), and the upcoming Privacy Regulation, protect the personal data of users and restrict the collection and processing of such data.

Personal data without consent will be worthless

Personal information includes all information that relates to a natural person or that allows you to draw conclusions about a certain person. Especially relevant is the MarTech sector because it includes online identifiers such as the IP address, cookies, pixels, fingerprinting, web tracking, multi-channel tracking, audience targeting and retargeting.

What does this mean for website operators? In order to legally use the (marketing) technologies integrated on the website and to be able to process the user data, granular consent must be obtained for each individual technology as it is essential for personal data in accordance with Art. 6 GDPR

With the Usercentrics Consent Management Platform, you can obtain the consent of your website visitors in accordance with the law and you are able to use the data of your users in accordance with GDPR.

Consent is king

More than just GDPR: Consent & Privacy goes global!

As a company operating in the EU, your first thought is probably the GDPR regulation, but it does not stop there - everywhere in the world, the issue of privacy and data protection of personal data is moving increasingly into focus.

The EU-wide announced new ePrivacy regulation is just the beginning. In the US, the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) has been recently passed and will go into effect January 2020. In India, the Personal Data Protection Bill is being discussed and in Brazil, the General Data Protection Law was passed. Data protection remains at the top of the agenda in Canada where the PIPEDA Data Protection Act has been revised and Singapore is striving for the same regulations with its Personal Data Protection Act. These are just a few examples, but all confirm the trend: The need for ePrivacy has gone global!

Often the consent of your users is already part of the contract: more and more vendors support the IAB Consent Framework, which means that they only play ads that meet the requirements of the framework. If no valid consent string is transferred, the advertising medium will not be delivered. What this means for you: No Consent, no Ad Performance. And without ad performance, reduced advertising revenue.

Data protection and privacy-compliant collection of user consent will play an increasingly important role in the future. Consent is the new currency in online marketing. Therefore, implement your Consent Management quickly, thoughtfully and user-friendly and make privacy your competitive advantage today. The Usercentrics CMP supports you!

Data protection and privacy-compliant collection of user consent will play an increasingly important role in the future. Consent becomes the new currency in online marketing. Therefore, implement your Consent Management quickly, thoughtfully and user-friendly and make privacy your competitive advantage. The Usercentrics CMP supports you!

Consent management for more legal certainty

According to the GDPR, there are also threats of penalties of up to 20 million euros or 4% of your worldwide annual turnover. Website operators who do not seek permission from their visitors face multiple legal threats. There are threats of warnings from various stakeholders, e.g. the competition law UWG in Germany (law against unfair competition) which is applicable to data protection offenses.

A Website is the business card of a company. With little technical know-how, every website visitor (customer, competitor, etc.) can easily check the kind of technologies you use on your website and whether you obtain transparent user consent or not.

Consent Management for personalized marketing

The core statement: Without Consent, no Ad Performance. And without Ad Performance, reduced sales.

In order to increase your website traffic and ultimately the conversions, it is essential for you to be able to process and use the data of your users as before. Therefore, if you already rely on a granular Consent Management, you ensure that you can continue to use this data legally compliant for advertising purposes and personalized marketing such as retargeting.

Consent management for your users

Gain the trust of your customers in the long term and rely on a powerful Consent Management Platform like Usercentrics!

The topic of data protection is of utmost importance to many users, especially in German-speaking countries. Therefore, with our platform you create an essential element for a higher trust factor with transparency and information when dealing with user data.

Only a user who is 100% familiar with your brand and your website is a valuable user. Transparency and access to information, especially with regards to data protection and data processing, are key points. Lack of transparent communication regarding which technology you use on your website not only contradicts the GDPR requirements, but could also have a negative impact on your brand and can damage your reputation.

Whitepaper: GDPR for Enterprises

Whitepaper: GDPR for Enterprises

Request our free whitepaper
Classification, checklists and practical tips for the correct approach with cookies and user identifiers in accordance with the GDPR.

Your benefits

Our CMP meets all the requirements of Marketing, Tech and Legal. Find out here how our CMP can specifically support your business in these three areas.

Continue to use your users' data for marketing activities, while remaining compliant with data protection laws. In addition, you benefit from full scalability and control.

In harmony with your (marketing) strategy

Continue to use your visitor data for personalized advertising, retargeting, therefore securing your Ad Revenue! Our powerful CMP ensures that all data processing services, such as marketing and tracking technologies, are integrated in compliance with data protection regulations.

100% customization

Customize our layouts completely to your corporate design. Individualize all our text templates and align the logic of the CMP with your strategy.

Improvement of opt-in rates

Increase the opt-in rate of your visitors e.g. by obtaining implicit / implied consent.

Multi-Channel ready

Set up your Consent Management System once and use it directly in different channels, e.g. on different (sub-) domains or in your apps.

Personal support

With Usercentrics, you’re never alone! Our customer success team continues to accompany you after the initial setup process and together ensures with you a constant improvement of the integrated solution.

Reliable scalability and full control

We make implementing your Consent Management platform easy with intuitive APIs, technical support and comprehensive documentation.

Extensive API

Usercentrics offers you an open onpage API via the dataLayer. It allows you to view, address and link all your data with your own tools.

Mobile SDK and cross-domain integration

Include your CMP in other (sub-) domains or with the help of our mobile SDK in your apps (iOS & Android). Through our Cross Domain Consent Sharing feature we recognize visitors across domains and transfer their privacy settings.

Flexible Tag Firing Logic

Decide for yourself how and when you have your technologies fired. Essential technologies keep firing on page load, others only after the visitor's consent. You can integrate our CMP into your website both directly and via tag management systems.

Fast load time & scalability

By using a CDN and using static files, which are cached on client and server side, our script loads in a few milliseconds and can scale quickly.

What our clients have to say

Dennis Gneuss, Chief Digital Officer, Movinga GmbH

Easy & fast implementation

In order to be GDPR-compliant it was of great importance for us to carefully collect and document the consent of our website visitors. That's why we decided to use a SaaS Consent Management Software. We initially had concerns that our relatively complex tag management would make the implementation more difficult. However, they were quickly dispelled: after only one week, the Usercentrics Consent Management platform was fully operational on the website. In conclusion: It was a quick and successful onboarding process!
Dennis Gneuss, Chief Digital Officer, Movinga GmbH
Dirk Lajosbanyai, Managing Director, ad agents GmbH

Increased customer trust

Usercentrics helps us and our customers to be 100% GDPR-compliant and to load the tags on the website in the correct order. And, what’s most important, only after obtaining the user's consent. By using the Consent Management Platform, we can also ensure an increased customer trust.
Dirk Lajosbanyai, Managing Director, ad agents GmbH
Markus Zipfel, CMS and application development, aimcom GmbH & Co. KG brands & communications

First-class customer support

Our clients include lawyers to whom transparency and data sovereignty is extremely important. With the help of the Usercentrics Consent Management Platform, we can now easily meet these requirements. After a brief onboarding call and entering all necessary data in the system we immediately received the embedding code. All in all it was a very smooth process! We got feedback very promptly whenever we were having additional questions or requests for adjustments.
Markus Zipfel, CMS and application development, aimcom GmbH & Co. KG brands & communications

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Jürgen Weichert Strengthens The Management Team at Usercentrics

Usercentrics strengthens its management team: Jürgen Weichert, former Head of Strategic Partner Development DACH at Google and current VP of Business Development at a Munich-based tech company since April 2019, is a member of the Usercentrics Management Board since November 1, 2019 as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO).


Designing The Customer Journey To Be GDPR Compliant

How do the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) influence customers’ travel as they surf the web? A closer look reveals that without Consent, the brand cannot go on – no matter at which point of the customer journey. Therefore, smart Consent Management can make a decisive difference here.

Certified under the iab Framework

We’re a registered Consent Management Platform with the iab Transparency & Consent Framework.

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