Be compliant and maximize the value of your data

Read on to learn about our newest features, amazing partnership opportunities, and how to find out everything you need to know about consent management.
by Usercentrics
Aug 1, 2022
Be compliant and maximize the value of your data
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This month’s updates are all about data. New analytics, new previews, automated configuration assistance, Google Analytics support, and more. Check it out!


Monthly Usage Graph

There is a new section in the Admin Interface that displays your monthly usage, with the number of sessions (Web) and/or Daily Active Users (Apps) for a given configuration (Settings ID). Find it in the Account Settings under the Usage tab. Have a look!


Improve your CMP performance with A/B testing, now with Preview feature

3-AB Testing Preview@2X

Maximize your users’ interactions and consents with the Usercentrics A/B Testing feature. Test different variants of your CMP with the integrated A/B testing or third-party tools like trbo, Optimizely or Kameleoon.


To perform an A/B test, simply follow three easy steps:

  1. activate the A/B testing feature
  2. define the variants
  3. perform the A/B test

Then you will be able to find your best performing CMP setup.


Our native A/B testing feature now offers a preview function for your A/B variants on the preview page via a dedicated selector. Be confident you’re testing exactly what you want before going live.


Don’t leave your CMP performance to chance. Take charge of your CMP by leveraging A/B testing data to optimize your opt-in rate.


Launch your first A/B test by following the steps in our technical documentation


Data Subject Requests


We’ve now made it possible to process and manage Data Subject Requests from the Admin Interface. Please contact our Customer Support team or your Customer Success Manager to get it set up. Once enabled, you’ll see DSRs in the left menu with the DSR form and dashboard tabs.


Automated Category Suggestions


There are many types of Data Processing Services (DPS) available, so tools and automations can really save you a lot of time in managing the ones you use. To help with your set up of Data Processing Services, we now include category suggestions in the DPS Scanner. Once the initial scan is complete upon setup, you’ll be able to access it under DPS Overview. If there is a relevant category suggestion available, it will appear in the Category column. These automated suggestions can really save you a lot of time managing services efficiently.


Improved User Experience


We’ve improved the UI of the Version History component to make it more readable and easier to navigate. It places more focus on changes that have happened. We want you to be able to access and manage your data as efficiently as possible, so you can focus on your core business and achieve optimizations faster. If you prefer to see the full version history file instead this view can easily be shown.


SDP Support for Google Analytics 4


We have now released support for Google Analytics 4 implementation via Smart Data Protector. Get all the details in our Smart Data Protector documentation.


** This update applies only to those using a Consent Security Policy (CSP) **


We will soon be releasing a new Consent API. Please whitelist the relevant domains in your CSP before September 15th, 2022.


You can access all relevant Information and domains in our FAQ.


For any questions, please contact our Support team or your Customer Success Manager.

Partners Network

Announcing our new Partner Directories


We have now launched our new Solution and Integration Partner Directory and updated Service Partner Directory. It’s easier than ever to find the right service partner to support your implementation and optimization efforts. Our solution partners offer complimentary services so you can extend your data privacy management tech stack and meet your technical needs. Or find the right integration partner for ecommerce, tag management, CMS and more. Supercharge your business today by working with one of our trusted Usercentrics’ partners.

Deprecation of Data Processing Services

Updates on Deprecation Services

Legal Updates@2x

Don’t forget!


To ensure the greatest accuracy for your Consent Management Platform and the Data Processing Services we provide, we have deprecated certain Data Processing Service templates. These templates are mainly duplicates of existing services and will no longer show in the Admin Interface, so can no longer be selected from our database.


Your current implementation will not be affected. However, from now on, legal updates will only be done for the new templates, so we highly recommend changing any affected templates.


A guide with details about the customizations can be found here.


An overview of all deprecated templates can be found here.


For Tech Partners, we recommend replacing old templates in all affected CMP configurations with the new updated templates.


Please find the technical details on the adjustments here.


We would love to hear from you!

Orange bell

We love to hear from customers, and reviews really help us out. Please take a moment and leave a review for us on G2. Earn yourself an Amazon gift card!


Join our beta testing community


Usercentrics is looking for curious, passionate customers and partners for the UC Innovation Community. This is our beta testing community of people who like to be on the cutting edge. Who like to build, break, and make things better. These early adopters will actively help in our development process and be the first to try out new features. The UC Innovation Community will receive:

  • exclusive updates on what we’re building, and new products and features we’re considering
  • direct interactions with our Product team
  • early access to new and complementary products beyond consent management that are not yet widely available
  • continuous feedback mechanisms to shape product development, including interviews to explore new product concepts — invest building the next generation of tools


Migration to CMP v2


If you still have CMP v1, you can now migrate to CMP v2. Access our migration documentation here.


Stay informed


Don’t miss any product updates!

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Do you want to know more about data privacy and consent management?
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