Monthly Product Update

Monthly Product Update: Our latest industry report, a new US-regulation, new features and more!

Read on to learn more about industry news, the newest features in our consent management platform and existing partnerships!
by Usercentrics
Nov 28, 2022
Monthly Product Update
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Shocking news from the EU apps market, new US regulations, new features, and a new partner to help you achieve more control over your data.


Apps Industry Report

Apps Industry report

In a special report from November 2022, we uncovered high levels of GDPR and ePrivacy Directive noncompliance across the EU apps market. 90% of the apps in five categories analyzed by Usercentrics fail to achieve privacy compliance by tracking users without valid GDPR consent.


On the positive side, we also look at studies and provide tips to show how obtaining consent is a competitive advantage with clear market benefits to your customer satisfaction and bottom line.


Find out what categories we looked at, which one had the most dismal privacy compliance, and the best ways to protect and monetize your apps.


California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) and Global Privacy Control (GPC)


The California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) comes into effect January 1st, 2023. It clarifies and extends the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), in effect since January 2020, and introduces the California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA). We’ve updated the Usercentrics CMP to help ensure you’re ready for the CPRA’s evolving privacy compliance requirements.


We’ve also updated the CMP for the Global Privacy Control (GPC) signal, which will be required for CCPA/CPRA compliance. GPC is an initiative to standardize online user consent online globally. It enables consumers to easily create a single set of personal data privacy preferences, which can then be seamlessly communicated wherever they go online.

Usercentrics Preference Management Beta

Better data, better customer relationships

Usercentrics Preference Management Beta

Preference management and consent management go hand in hand. Integrate your customers’ consent choices and know them better to provide great user experience, improve engagement, and increase lifetime value.


Learn more about Usercentrics Preference Management, now in beta. Sign up to our beta community to try it out for free.


A/B Testing for Apps

Our A/B Testing feature has been very popular since we rolled it out, and customers rely on it to help them optimize their banners and improve their consent rates.

Now we’re launching A/B Testing for Apps CMP in beta. Use it within the CMP (data appears in Analytics) or with your favorite external tools.

Implementation window for A/B testing featuring bar graph for analytics for testing - Usercentrics


Usercentrics and BigID Partner up to enable accelerated compliance with current and emerging data privacy and protection regulations.

Usercentrics and BigID

We’re welcoming BigID to our Platform Partner Program!


Everything seems to be bigger these days. The amount of data that companies need to process, the performance demands on it, and the number of privacy regulations governing it. BigID’s data intelligence platform enables organizations to better know their enterprise data and take action for privacy, protection and perspective. Customers deploy BigID to proactively discover, manage, protect and get more value from their regulated, sensitive and personal data across their data landscape. Usercentrics’ Consent Management Platform will be a key part of, the privacy-on-demand solution that provides a one-stop shop for marketers and privacy professionals. The BigID partnership is a step forward for Usercentrics to offer consent management capabilities in a scalable way, and to enable BigID expand their privacy suite and to cater to all customer segments.


Usercentrics and Mapp help customers achieve GDPR compliance


In this new joint case study, learn how Mapp and Usercentrics ensured a smooth integration for customized tracking and consent management, enabling customer KfW to achieve GDPR compliance.


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