Usercentrics Hubspot Implementation Guide

Usercentrics Hubspot Implementation Guide

With a few easy steps, you can add the Usercentrics script to your Hubspot website and start collecting user consent from your website visitors. The...
by Usercentrics
Jun 25, 2021
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Usercentrics + Hubspot

Usercentrics + Hubspot

Usercentrics makes it easy for you to collect Hubspot consent on your website. With a few easy steps, you can add the Usercentrics script tag to your Hubspot website and start collecting user consent from your website visitors. This allows you to harmonize your marketing and data strategy with legal requirements on your Hubspot website.

Hubspot Profile

HubSpot is a platform combining both inbound marketing and sales by streamlining a variety of functionalities and allowing both departments to manage all activities in one centralized platform.


Type Implementation Website
Manual Implementation


Manual Script for CMP v1 and V2 Hubspot website 

What you get with Usercentrics

  • Collect Consents in accordance with GDPR:
    Reach the highest legal standard for your website by being compliant to all legal requirements (GDPR, CCPA, ECJ, IAB TCF, etc.).
  • Increase your conversion rate:
    The higher your opt-in rate, the more data you can use for marketing purposes. Maximize your ad revenue by using a smart CMP.
  • Customize your Cookie Banner:
    Have a specific strategy in mind for your Cookie Banner? Sounds like a plan! Our CMP is fully customisable via a custom UI.
  • Customer and implementation support:
    We have personalised support for all steps along the way: Whether through a Customer Success Manager, ticket system or a partner – feel free to contact us anytime.


Here you will find the documentation you need to install and enable the Usercentrics CMP.


You can find your unique script tag in your Admin Interface under Implementation, found at the bottom of the left side menu.

You will enter your script tag under  “Website” and then the “Website pages” tab and then click your “Settings” icon.

The Usercentrics Consent Management Platform (CMP) enables you to harmonize your Hubspot websites’ marketing and data strategy with legal requirements. Usercentrics seamless integration allows you to collect consents in accordance with the law without restricting your marketing data and help to improve your opt in rate, all while being legally compliant.

Installation only takes a few easy steps. Then your Usercentrics CMP is activated on your Hubspot website!

Third party services must be blocked before a user gives consent, such as Google Analytics. Use your DPS Scanner to find out which third parties you have and block third party services until a user gives consent. Here is the guide for CMP v1 and v2 to block third party services manually as a reference.

For questions about third party services using Google Tag Manager, please see our documentation here for CMP v1 and here for CMP v2.

Please check what CMP version you are using before implementing Google Tag Manager in Step 2. Simply log into your Usercentrics Admin Interface to check.

The Usercentrics CMP v2 Admin Interface looks like this:

The Usercentrics CMP v1 Admin Interface looks like this:

Please submit a ticket here so our Support Team can assist you.

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