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Criteria for a CMP

Consent in daily life appears to be simple: it’s a Yes or No question. Consent in legal terms and in particular, the consent introduced by GDPR, is rather complex.

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Consent Under GDPR And ePrivacy

Under GDPR, a consent has to be informed and given freely. That means, that the data subject must have an informed choice as to whether the data processing will take place or not. Furthermore, a consent has to be concrete. General or broad consents do not constitute an effective consent.

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CMP Definition

A CMP aka Consent Management Platform is normally used by advertisers, publishers and agencies and consist of 3 major elements

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Why Consent

Is Consent mandatory? The question is legit and we’re happy that you ask. As one of the legal bases under Art. 6 GDPR, Consent is definitely very important. Therefore there are a number of factors that make Consent indeed mandatory.

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