New features, functions, fusedeck — and more

Read on to learn about our newest features, amazing partnership opportunities, and how to find out everything you need to know about consent management.
by Usercentrics
Sep 29, 2022
New features, functions, fusedeck — and more
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Gearing up for autumn with powerful new tools to help you gain the best insights to optimize consent rates and revenue and be confident about privacy compliance.


Google Consent Mode

Usercentrics CMP is a featured partner in Google’s new Partner Program for Google Consent Mode.


Using Google Consent Mode with the Usercentrics CMP means that companies can run all their favorite Google services, like Google Analytics, Google Ads and Google Tag Manager, based on the consent choices of end users, which get passed from the CMP to these services.


Customers can be confident in the Usercentrics CMP working seamlessly with Google Consent Mode to ensure that they can achieve and maintain privacy compliance in the ever-changing regulatory landscape.


Usercentrics changes data minimization practices

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We at Usercentrics take data privacy and data security very seriously. In view of keeping up with the increasing focus on regulation of privacy worldwide, we decided, as of September 2022, to reduce the duration of time for which we store consent data collected via the CMP from three years to one. This way we can better follow the principle of data minimization, and provide more and better security for all our customers and their users.


Better DPS disclosure granularity

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In the Admin Interface under the Configuration and the Legal Specifications tab, you can enable Category Consent and Hide Data Processing Service via checkboxes. What benefits does this bring?


We’re empowering customers to decide how granular their Data Processing Service disclosures are. It will also affect how detailed your second layer is and how much information is presented to users there.

better DPS disclosure


A/B Testing feature now available to all Enterprise customers

In addition to our partners that offer fantastic A/B testing tools, for those who prefer a built-in option or who aren’t able to use a third-party solution, we built A/B Testing functionality into our CMP.


We have been rolling it out gradually over the last few months, and continuing to add functionality. We are thrilled to share that the A/B Testing feature is now available to all Enterprise customers.


DPS Scanner: Simpler to use and more powerful


Now when you access the DPS Scanner in the Usercentrics Admin Interface, you’ll be getting unparalleled scanning powered by our improved Scanner Engine. It’s also simpler to use! Just enter a domain — no XML needed!


You’ll be able to scan up to 5 domains with the initial scan, to get more done faster. The Daily Scan will still be done via TagLogger.


New Google Tag Manager Template functionality

Google Tag Manager Templates are now more granular.


In the Google Tag Manager Template customers can now set Consent Mode Defaults by Region, or turn off Consent Mode entirely.


New Google Tag Manager Template functionality


Getting a little more technical, we have improved our method for opening the second layer of the CMP. Customers can now define what should be opened on the second layer when using our method UC_UI.showSecondLayer();


The available options are:

  • GDPR: Categories (“categories”)
  • GDPR: Services (“services”)
  • TCF: Purposes (“purposes”)
  • TCF: Vendors (“vendors”)


Mastering the shift to first-party data

As we noted last month, the shift from third-party data to first-party data requires a lot of companies to store more customer data on their servers.


Browser-based tracking and third-party cookies won’t last long, and customer consent cannot be shared between apps and browsers for the same company. If you want profitable advertising in the future you will need to adopt server-side tagging.


To help you prepare for this shift, we have some additional resources. Learn more!


Support ending for older web browsers


As of December 5th, 2022, Usercentrics will end support for older web browsers.


The following browsers will no longer be supported:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge version 76 and below
  • Firefox version 77 and below
  • Google Chrome version 77 and below
  • Safari version 12 and below

This means that we will no longer provide support for these browsers for future Usercentrics products. There are additional browser support thresholds for existing products, mobile browsers, etc. Customers using the Smart Data Protector might need to migrate to a new legacy script, if no direct end of support is desired.


For a full overview of supported browsers, a complete list of affected browsers and browser versions and the new Smart Data Protector legacy script, please see our FAQs.


Our Partnership Program keeps growing


We’re thrilled to welcome fusedeck to our Partner Network! They provide a marketing tool that enables digital analytics features, without the use of cookies or need for user consent. fusedeck’s functionality includes tracking, analytics, activation, tag management and more.


With the Usercentrics CMP and fusedeck, you can optimize consent rates using their Onsite Personalization Technology and late consent capabilities, powered by the Usercentrics CMP.

Our Channel Partner Program is also evolving, and in October we will be launching some exciting new changes to benefit our partners.


No matter what your next project is, find your perfect partner in our Partner Network. Whether you’re looking for help with implementation or customization, wanting to expand your tech stack, or are interested in integrating the Usercentrics CMP into your product suite, our Partner Directory has everything you need.


We would love to hear from you!

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We love to hear from customers, and reviews really help us out. Please take a moment and leave a review for us on G2. Earn yourself an Amazon gift card!


Join our beta testing community


Usercentrics is looking for curious, passionate customers and partners for the UC Innovation Community. This is our beta testing community of people who like to be on the cutting edge. Who like to build, break, and make things better. These early adopters will actively help in our development process and be the first to try out new features. The UC Innovation Community will receive:

  • exclusive updates on what we’re building, and new products and features we’re considering
  • direct interactions with our Product team
  • early access to new and complementary products beyond consent management that are not yet widely available
  • continuous feedback mechanisms to shape product development, including interviews to explore new product concepts — invest building the next generation of tools


Migration to CMP v2


If you still have CMP v1, you can now migrate to CMP v2. Access our migration documentation here.


Stay informed


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