Implementation Process

What are the concrete steps to implement the Usercentrics CMP and to adjust the logic of loading Tags in order to have a compliant website setup regarding data protection laws (GDPR and ePrivacy)?

Initial Documents for Preparing an Offer

The following documents are required by Usercentrics to estimate the expected number of consents to be processed and documented and to prepare an estimate offer.

Number of visitors per month (calculation similar to what Unique Users in Google Analytics)

Number of top-level domains, possibly a list

Subdomain list (optional)

Onboarding Process

General: You should have an overview of all technologies of your own website. Use our Excel template to capture the technologies on the website. We have a standard sheet prepared for listing all technologies efficiently. You can also use our Tag Audit Analysis to gain insights into the technologies on your site.


  • Signing with Usercentrics
  • Get an overview of all technologies @client (possibly with tool from Usercentrics)
  • Send list of relevant domains (and subdomains) to Usercentrics @client
  • Set URL for test implementation and send to Usercentrics @client
  • Coordinating CI / Design and Texts @client @Usercentrics
  • Decision on the “ hard “ „medium“ or „soft“ option (see below) @client
  • Decision which consents should be considered essential @client (Usercentrics has a default category for each tag, but the ultimate decision is to be made by the client)
  • Creation of instance(s) for client @Usercentrics

Implementation and Testing

  • Include script in test page @client
  • Tests on compatibility @Usercentrics
  • Integration of the triggers in the Tag Manager OR adjusting of scripts directly on website (depending on technical setup of client) –> according to guides from Usercentrics @client
  • Testing, period approx. 2-7 days @client
  • GoLive @client @Usercentrics