Resources Webinar Compliant Consent Management for Websites and Apps While Optimizing the Opt-in Rate

Compliant Consent Management for Websites and Apps While Optimizing the Opt-in Rate

Your Websites and Apps are your Compliance Risk No. 1. Why? Because anyone from outside can easily detect within seconds a) what data is being collected, b) which tools are being fired and c) how the correlating consent was obtained, if at all. Take a screenshot, submit this to an authority – complaint done. We don’t really want that. Unfortunately, collecting and documenting a compliant consent is easier said than done. That’s where professional Consent Management Platforms come into play.

In this webinar, you will learn how easy it is to detect what data is being collected on your website, what Google is requiring in terms of consent from all its customers and how a Consent Management Platform (CMP) will help you solve most of your challenges. We will go from the basic concept and functionalities of a CMP to special requirements you need to think of when looking for a provider, including what to ask for in an RFI. At the end, we will focus on live implementation examples and how you can optimize your Opt-in Rate with flexible configurations while staying compliant.

Key Takeaways:

  • Consent Management needs to be done with a special technology as requirements from authorities become stricter and vendors like Google & Co. are starting to enforce the consent programmatically through the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework
  • A Consent Management Platform (CMP) will programmatically collect, manage, document and transfer the privacy preferences of website and app users
  • When selecting a CMP vendor, there are various features to look out for, e.g. customizability of design and user flow, flexible legal settings, proper audit trail, providing legal texts for cookies embeddable in Privacy Policy, etc.
  • The Opt-in Rate will decide over how much data your company will still get –> making it an important KPI that needs to be monitored and optimized
  • Optimizing the Opt-in Rate will be an act of balance between Compliance and Marketing and needs to be closely monitored and adapted to further regulatory developments
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