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A World of Technology, But How Much Data Is This Generating?

With so many new technologies in use, have you ever wondered how much data is being generated? If so, this session of Tech that Talks is for you.
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Landing Page TTT Privacy reimagined

What happens when you put on virtual glasses and enter a parallel realm? While it may sound like a dream- it’s actually just the future. VR lenses, NFT tokens and creating an identity in the metaverse all create vast amounts of data per day just by simple movements such as eye tracking and geolocation data. With this, it’s important to realize just how much data we are giving up and how exactly is or might our privacy be protected.

So join us on April 28th at 12:00 ET/18:00 CET to discuss the future of technology and what steps the EU/US is taking when it comes to setting data privacy legislation. For this Tech That Talks we are highlighting Women in privacy, so join us on this special edition of Tech That Talks

Key Takeaways:

  • Future of technology and data privacy
  • How much data is being collected
  • Are we in good hands: what can be done to protect our data

¹the webinar partners are Red clover advisors, Privacy Panacea and Clear OPS



Jodie Daniels

Red clover advisors

CEO of Red clover advisors, which assists companies to create privacy programs, build customer trust and achieve GDPR, CCPA, and US privacy law compliance. Red Clover is currently one of the few certified Women’s Business Enterprises, (WBENC), solely focused on privacy.


Sharon Anolik

President and Founder
Privacy Panacea

Sharon A. Anolik, Esq., CIPP, is President and Founder of Privacy Panacea, a boutique firm providing strategic data privacy and compliance evaluations and advice. Before founding Privacy Panacea, Sharon was Vice President and Global Privacy Risk and Strategy Leader for McKesson Corporation, a Fortune 15 health care services and information technology company

Caroline McCaffery

Caroline McCaffery

CEO and founder
Clear OPS

CEO and founder of Clear OPS; Data Privacy and Cybersecurity attorney; Speaker on Women’s Business, AI Ethics, Privacy and data security.

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