Fraud Detection in Online Marketing

Is Elon right? How much fake traffic is out there?

How to increase your online marketing performance with fraud detection and consent management.
by Usercentrics
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Fraud Detection in Online Marketing

The world’s richest person has claimed repeatedly that fake and spam accounts are probably many times higher than stated by Twitter. What does Dr. Augustine Fou – one of the world’s leading bot researchers – have to say about that? And what can marketers do to protect themselves against fake traffic? In this webinar, our experts Dr. Augustine Fou, Tilman Pfeiffer and Tilman Harmeling will give you hands-on tips on how to detect and reduce fake traffic in your own marketing.

What to expect:

  • How bad guys commit ad fraud
  • Impact of bot traffic on your business
  • 3 tips on how to detect fake traffic in your own analytics

¹the webinar partner is fraud0 GmbH


Dr. Augustine Fou

Dr. Augustine Fou

Anti-fraud consultant
Cyber security

Dr. Augustine Fou is one of the world's leading experts studying bot detection, cybercrime and advertising fraud. He has been on the front lines of digital marketing for 25 years. Dr. Fou completed his PhD at MIT at the age of 23 and started his career with McKinsey & Company.

Tilman Pfeiffer

Tilman Pfeiffer

Co-Founder and CEO

Tilman Pfeifer is Co-Founder and CEO of our *partner, a Munich based fraud detection company helping businesses minimize risks associated with automated non-human traffic. Tilman Pfeiffer has extensive experience as an entrepreneur and in scaling technology companies. He worked in venture capital and private equity for 7 years investing in Europe and Asia after completing his studies of aerospace engineering at TU Munich and KAIST in South Korea.

Tilman Harmeling profile photo

Tilman Harmeling

Entrepreneur in Residence
Usercentrics GmbH

Born & raised in Privacy, Tilman started to work for Usercentrics in 2018 & earned a variety of experiences about how privacy markets work. As an Entrepreneur in Residence, his goals are to understand & find opportunities in the privacy landscape. Therefore he works not just with global companies & universities, but also gives talks about current privacy topics (PrivSec Global, OMR, DMEXCO,...).

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