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Preferences & Consent in the Age of Privacy

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) represents the most significant change for privacy regulation in United States. The bill passed in June last year with more than 600,000 signatures from Californians. Businesses that fail to comply with the regulation, fines of up to $2,500 will be imposed on each case, per individual or person.

The regulation will go into effect on January 2020, with a look-back period starting January 1, 2019.

In this webinar, Lisa Gradow (Usercentrics) and Daniel Barber (DataGrail) will explore the the key principles of the regulation, and discuss how businesses can ensure transparency and control for preferences and consent - two fundamental aspects of the framework.

What to expect

Lisa Gradow (Usercentrics) and Daniel Barber (DataGrail) will provide tactical steps to ensure your team is collecting consent correctly and providing control for email preferences throughout the customer lifecycle.

Who should watch the Webinar?

Employees and decision-makers from the marketing, legal compliance and IT sectors who are interested in the use of tracking technologies on websites in compliance with data protection regulations.

Our Speakers

Lisa Gradow, Usercentrics GmbH
Lisa Gradow is Co-Founder of Usercentrics. The legal expert was founding several companies and initiatives before. Most recently, she implemented the GDPR operationally at the digital asset manager Scalable Capital.
Daniel Barber, DataGrail
CEO & Co-Founder
Daniel Barber is CEO and Co-Founder of DataGrail. Before DataGrail Daniel Barber was leading the sales team at DocuSign, Datanyze (taken over by ZoomInfo), Node.io, ToutApp (taken over by Marketo) and Responsys (taken over by Oracle).
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