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Tracking Apps & Privacy in the Wake of the Coronavirus

With the lift of some of the lockdown policies, Tracking Apps are more and more being used in order to help to stop the spread of the Coronavirus but it raises a lot of ethical and also practical questions such as:

  • How to store data
  • Privacy vs. Tracking
  • How to use consent management in apps?
  • What’s the overall perception of this?

Juergen Weichert, Chief Revenue Officer and Hanna Waldenmaier, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Usercentrics GmbH walk us through an overview of a survey they conducted on Coronavirus and provide technical and practical tips to managing tracking and privacy.



Jürgen Weichert - CRO Usercentrics

Jürgen Weichert

Usercentrics GmbH

As a graduate in Business Administration, Jürgen Wiechert has more than 20 years of experience in the areas of sales, marketing and business development in the online industry. At Usercentrics, he is responsible for the development of new business areas and sales markets as well as the acquisition of new customers and partners. Before joining Usercentrics in April 2019, he was Head of Strategic Partner Development DACH at Google since 2012. Further professional stations included Deal United, asknet and Softline.

Hanna Waldenmaier - Usercentrics Team

Hanna Waldenmaier

Vice President Global Partnerships
Usercentrics GmbH

Hanna Waldenmaier has already worked for companies such as Google and Salesforce and has gained extensive experience in sales and customer success in the digital SaaS industry. As Vice President Global Partnerships at Usercentrics GmbH, Hanna is responsible for the acquisition and enablement of our partners. In addition to her daily work, she organizes MeetUps in the SaaS B2B start-up sector and enjoys participating in similar networking events.

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