Become instantly compliant with Brazil’s LGPD

The Usercentrics Consent Management Platform enables you to meet all the requirements of the Brazilian Data Protection Law LGPD.


What is the LGPD?

The LGPD is Brazil’s General Data Protection Law, passed by the National Data Protection Authority (Autoridade Nacional de Proteção de Dados). It came into effect August 16, 2020. The LGPD is very similar to Europe’s GDPR and is a framework containing 65 articles regulating the use and processing of personal data.

What are the consequences of non-compliance?

Non-compliance with the LGPD can lead to fines of up to 50 million Brazilian reals (approx. 8 million Euro) or 2% of a company’s annual revenue in Brazil (per violation). 

The LGPD – just like the GDPR – requires a legal basis for processing data:

you can only process personal data for legitimate, specific, explicit and clearly communicated purposes. User consent to processing data must be free, informed and unambiguous. In order to comply with the LGPD you must keep proof of consent to demonstrate that consent was collected in accordance with the law. 

How does Usercentrics help?

The Usercentrics Consent Management Platform (CMP) not only stores and manages given consent and privacy preferences for each of your users to prove the existence of a legal basis, it also allows you to track every aspect of consent. This includes the legal or privacy notice, the consent form that the user was presented with at the time of consent collection, and the related preferences expressed by the user.


with the Usercentrics CMP

  • Obtain user consent correctly

    Take into account not only the requirements LGPD guidance but also the requirements of the GDPR, CCPA, and IAB TCF.

  • Seamlessly integrate your CMP

    Attain higher opt-in rates through customized design in your website or app and guarantee an interference-free user experience

  • Don’t lose your advertising revenue

    No restrictions on your digital marketing and save your valuable data by using a compliant CMP

  • Increase your opt-in rates 

    Benefit from our special marketing features, such as A/B Testing or Contextual Consent


Quick & Easy Setup


Choose your favorite display option

Privacy Banner

Privacy banner

You can either choose our

Privacy Banner

Privacy Wall

… or a

Privacy Wall.

Set up your CMP for LGPD compliance

Inform users about their rights and adapt the legal basis according to the LGPD.

By the way: your legal interpretations will be respected. You can change them any time with just a few clicks should you update your strategy or legal opinion in the case of regulatory events.

With our CMP you also get to decide the exact wording of the banner message, when the message will be shown, and at what frequency.

Target group definition

Target all consumers protected by the LGPD.

We enable geo-location targeting and give you the option to decide who gets to see the banner and who doesn’t.

Based on the user’s IP address, our CMP can dynamically show the right compliance message.

Built for SMBs and Fortune 500 companies

We help you make your website and app LGPD compliant, no matter the size of your business.

  • Secure & private by default

    We use state-of-the-art technology and security measures. Usercentrics never shares or sells your information without permission.
  • Configurable & controlled

    Manage your Usercentrics configuration, permissions, and single sign-on the way YOU want.
  • GDPR & CCPA ready

    Trust us with your customers’ data! Usercentrics is developed for all relevant laws (DSGVO, CCPA, IAB TCF) and is continuously updated.

Want to know more about Brazil’s LGPD?

Brazil LGPD Checklist

Take a look at our “Brazil LGPD Checklist” to learn more about all the LGPD requirements and setting up your CMP accordingly.

Trusted Around the Globe


Easy & fast implementation

In order to be GDPR-compliant it was of great importance for us to carefully collect and document the consent of our website visitors. That’s why we decided to use a SaaS Consent Management Software. We initially had concerns that our relatively complex tag management would make the implementation more difficult. However, they were quickly dispelled: after only one week, the Usercentrics Consent Management platform was fully operational on the website. In conclusion: It was a quick and successful onboarding process!

Increased customer trust

Usercentrics helps us and our customers to be 100% GDPR-compliant and to load the tags on the website in the correct order. And, what’s most important, only after obtaining the user’s consent. By using the Consent Management Platform, we can also ensure an increased customer trust.

First-class customer support

Our clients include lawyers to whom transparency and data sovereignty is extremely important. With the help of the Usercentrics Consent Management Platform, we can now easily meet these requirements. After a brief onboarding call and entering all necessary data in the system we immediately received the embedding code. All in all it was a very smooth process! We got feedback very promptly whenever we were having additional questions or requests for adjustments.

Very good partnership and always there for you

Onboarding and implementing duration. Always someone here for you to support and provide information. Short implementation of 7 days for our first site. Centralized administration of consents. You give the responsibility back to advertiser if they are conform with their consent. This makes it much more easier in handling the consent for us. We can rollout templates with already defined consent technologies, so we stay concentrated on the real issues which bring us further.

Just the best CMP out there (simple and easy setup, easy A/B testing to maximise opt-in rates etc.)

It’s super easy to use with an intuitive dashboard. You can customise the CMP with just a few clicks. A/B testing is easily setup. Legal texts are up to date which saved me a ton of time. Pricing is good too. Can only recommend. Great customer support. Also really like the webinars which keep me up 2 date on the topic.

Powerful solution with fast support and insightful webinars

It’s very customizable Consent Management Platform and gives us all necessary tools to comply with our GDPR requirements. The design of the cookie consent front end is nice and professional. Usercentrics design can be matched with your corporate design branding.

Great and easy way to implement GDPR compliant tracking

We were looking for a tool that allows us to easily and conveniently implement GDPR compliance when using tracking and services on our website. Usercentrics was the ideal solution to find this as the tool covers all essential features and makes it possible for businesses to stay compliant without any hassle. I even had contact with the customer service for a small bug that was caught by our testing team and the links were fixed in no time.

Best Consent Management System

I use it since 4 months and can be sure to be on the right legal side. I receive no complaints, didn’t touch it ever after implementation und feel save. I can trust that any new upcoming legal requirements will be automatically considered.

Easy implementation and great service

Implementation is really easy and no complicated programming skills are required. Fast and efficient support. And no matter what the request is, the contact persons always answer and are very helpful and solution-oriented.

Contact our expert team

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