Is Your Website Compliant?

Usercentrics enables you to collect, manage & document your users‘ consents to cookies and online-tracking – GDPR- & ePrivacy-compliantly

The Most Powerful Consent Management Platform (CMP)

GDPR and ePrivacy Make Consent (Management) Mandatory

Usercentrics offers a Consent Management Platform (CMP) that allows you to obtain, manage and document the Consents of your users to the use of Tags (Cookies, Pixels, etc.). Usercentrics CMP is easy-to-implement, intuitive for the user and fully customizable.

Obtain a freely-given and unambiguous consent

Inform website visitors about the use of cookies, etc.

Offer an easy opt-out

Document consents


We’re a Registered CMP With the iab Transparency & Consent Framework

Our Features

We offer you a flexible, one-stop-shop solution for Consent Management leaving you with full control on how to interpret legal standpoints and align your CMP with your strategy

Fully Customizable

You can use a range of templates or apply custom themes with individual fonts, colors and styles.

Easy to Implement

Our Tag (a JavaScript Code Snippet) is compatible with any Tag Manager or Website system.

Legally Up-to-date

We are closely monitoring legislation and will update and our product, if necessary, immediately.

External APIs

We provide you several ways to interact with our Consent Database: GraphQL API, Rest API, Manual.

Pre-defined Tag Database

Access to our database of pre-defined tag descriptions containing all Privacy Policy relevant information.

Real-time Scan

Real-time Scan of your website, detecting newly integrated tags, incl. piggybacking, and immediate notification.

And Much More

If you schedule a demo we can tell you more about what we can do. If you’re missing a feature, please let us know and we can integrate it into our product road map if useful.

Consider Consent a Business Driver

Data breaches and scandals require companies to rethink privacy and consider trust as a business driver. In a user centric world, take this as an opportunity to gain (back) the trust of your users.

We Have Strong


The eco system is as complex as consent itself. Therefore, we maintain strong partnerships with tech providers, agencies, law firms and other players to offer the best solution possible.

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