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Consent Management Platform

GDPR and ePrivacy Make Consent Mandatory

Usercentrics provides a Consent Management Platform (CMP) that enables you to get, manage and document consents of your users for specific technologies and purposes. Usercentric`s CMP is easy-to-implement, intuitive for the user and fully customizable.

  • Inform users about how you use their data e.g. through cookies
  • Obtain and document consents
  • Provide an easy way to opt-in and opt-out

Privacy made in Bavaria, Germany

Easy Implementation

Implement the Usercentrics CMP in three easy steps

Legal requirements, data breaches and scandals require companies to rethink privacy and consider trust as a business driver. In a user centric world, take this as an opportunity to increase the trust of your users.



You can use a variety of pre-defined templates or apply custom themes with individual texts, fonts, colors and styles.



Include our script directly or via Tag Manager in your testing environment and adjust the triggers for your technologies.


Go Live

Inform your users about how and for what purposes you plan to use their data for. Start collecting consents from them!

Fully customizable

Use a variety of predefined layouts & texts and customize them to fit your legal requirements and your Corporate Identity.

Intuitive interface

Provide a simple and consistent user experience to display and update consents and therefore build more trust.

Legally compliant

Make use of ongoing free product updates for upcoming changes of legal requirements e.g. court decisions, new regulations.

Multi-Channel ready

Setup your Consent Management System once and instantly use it across multiple channels e.g. (sub-)domains, apps.


Adjust your setup in seconds to a stricter or weaker interpretation of ever changing legal requirements.

IAB Framework compatible

Secure your advertising revenues by complying with the growing market adoption of the iab consent standard (more info).

Loved by Business

Consent Management in sync with your strategy

We support you to setup a Consent Management System that aligns your business interests with your legal obligations.

Others Already Trust Us

Join great companies which have already chosen Usercentrics as their preferred Consent Management Platform.

Loved by Tech

Designed for scaling and heavy loads

We make the implementation of your Consent Management Platform easy with intuitive APIs, technical support and documentation.

Standard script-tag

Include our script like any other script on your website, directly in the page or through a Tag Management System.

Easy data exchange

Access the status of each consent through a standard dataLayer (more info on Github) or any other custom variable.

Fast loading

Expect the script to load within milliseconds all across the world - backed & delivered by a large scale CDN.

Reliable scaling

Experience almost infinite scaling due to the use of static files which can leverage client and server side caching.

Highly robust

Keep your CMP stable even if complications arise e.g. network connectivity - as essential data is maintained in local storage.

Extensive API

Connect to your Consent Management Solution through an onpage JS-API and an offpage GraphQL-API.

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Certified under the iab Framework

We’re a registered Consent Management Platform with the iab Transparency & Consent Framework.

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