Making the most out of TCF 2.0 to secure your ad revenue

TCF 2.0 is a challenge for everyone! But no worries: we took it as our core job to implement the IAB requirements as smooth, user-friendly and performant as possible, so that you can easily enable TCF 2.0 while securing your ad revenue.

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We do the complex stuff,
you just activate it

The IAB requirement catalogue is long! 69 pages to be precise. We implemented all requirements in our user interface, so all you need to do is activate TCF 2.0 with a checkbox – the rest follows. How? Once you activate it, the options and texts automatically adapt to what is possible within the framework.

TCF 2.0 can also be activated in the Usercentrics In-App-SDK.

Theoretically, you don’t even have to look into what the TCF is and how it works, but it will help you to understand what’s happening and what options you have within Usercentrics.


Speak the new language
with the IAB TC String

The common language of the IAB framework is the so called TC String. With this string, website and app operators can communicate to the vendors, whether the user opted-in or out. 

Important to know is, that only an IAB-certified CMP can create it. Which is exactly what we do for you once you implement Usercentrics and activate TCF 2.0!

For more information regarding how the TC String works, see our explainer article.

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The IAB might have UI
requirements, but we give you
as much flexibility as possible!

A big junk of the IAB requirement catalogue is on how the CMP has to look like when the user interacts with it. This is necessary, so that the circumstances under which a consent was collected, are comparable and equal throughout the industry. 

Moaning over the strict specifications doesn’t help, so we really want to make the best out of it for you and still give you the creative space for customization to increase your Opt-in rate.


The IAB framework is designed in a way that vendors, e.g. Criteo or Google, define on which legal basis their services can be run. This can be both legitimate interest and consent.

With Usercentrics, YOU have the choice. And that’s important, because YOU in the end have the responsibility and should therefore be in control.

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TCF 2.0 | Usercentrics EN 6


Integrate all vendors even
if they’re not part of the IAB

Not every service and vendor you use is yet part of the IAB framework. Therefore, it’s important that you can still control them through the same interface and CMP, since you still need to collect preferences for them.

With Usercentrics, you can choose from more than 1000+ pre-described technology vendors and add as many custom services and vendors as you like. They will be equally integrated in the CMP interface so users can Opt-in and Opt-out to IAB-vendors and Non-IAB-Vendors alike.

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