Mobile Consent Management Made Easy For Native Apps

The Usercentrics Mobile CMP (In-App SDK) can be easily integrated in all native apps. Be legally compliant by collecting your user consents in a smart way and create a transparent and seamless cross-device privacy experience for your users.

Mobile Consent Management Made Easy For Native Apps

Why you should start using a Mobile CMP now

Ask nicely - In-App SDK - Usercentrics


Ask nicely, and users will
appreciate it

Start by asking your users if you may collect their data. You can ask for consent for a wide range of purposes, from the use of technologies for analytics or displaying personalized ads and banners.

There are two ways of integrating our In-App SDK into your native apps: 

  • You may either use our predefined UI with a set of customization options
  • You can fully customize the In-App SDK by developing your own UI according to your wishes. You may customize everything and then simply connect your UI to our In-App SDK.


Streamline transparency & choice

After having obtained opt-ins or opt-outs from your users, they can always come back to the Usercentrics Privacy Settings and change their preferences. Usercentrics provides legal information on more than 1,000 technology vendors which are being regularly updated.

Users can also inform themselves transparently about what data points are being collected, how and by whom they are processed, etc. making sure you comply with the obligation to inform users.

services expanded

Proof and match consents - In-App SDK - Usercentrics


Proof and match the consents
with your IDs

We save the preferences in our database accessible for you at any time as well as locally on the user’s device. 

You can also benefit from our Cross Device Consent Sharing feature, to minimize the number of times you ask your users for consent and to enable a seamless privacy experience. In order for this to work, you need to use the same SettingsID for both your Browser and In-App SDK. This is also the solution to transfer consents if you are using a hybrid app, thus an app with an integrated website such as a store. 


The Usercentrics Mobile SDK supports a number of different legal frameworks and helps you to become compliant with your website, but also your native app – no matter if you wish to be compliant with GDPR, CCPA or even TCF 2.0

Simply configure your CMP, select the framework you wish to comply with, download the SDK and with a few lines of code, you will be good to go. Start your seamless Cross Device compliance journey now!

GDPR_First Layer

GDPR First Layer

More Mobile CMP features

  • Error handling

  • Automatic device
    language detection

  • Development


3 Steps to Ensure Future Proof Mobile Marketing

  • 1. Configure your

  • Set up your CMP with all mobile technologies running on your app via our Admin Interface.
  • 2. Download the

  • Easy to install via our package manager
  • Available for Android 4.1+ and iOS 10.3.2+.
  • 3. Design the UX (Optional)

  • Define your user’s consent journey.
    Use our plug and play predefined UI to collect consent, or design your own user
    experience with our API.

This feature is available in our Enterprise Package.

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