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Case Study with Homa Games

Consent Marketing in action: How Homa Games achieved up to 10% increase in ad LTV via user consent.
by Usercentrics
Aug 2, 2023
Casestudy with homa
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Homa Games is a dynamic, multinational games developer with a portfolio of over 80 games. With 200 talented individuals from 34 different nationalities across four global offices, the company thrives on diversity and innovation. The driving force behind Homa Games’ success has always been its vision to build cutting-edge technology and foster communities that empower game makers. The goal is to turn creative ideas into engaging games that billions of users will want to download and enjoy.


However, with the introduction of the latest privacy updates in the EU and the new TFC v2.2, Homa Games found themselves faced with the challenge of integrating consent into their systems. Their goal, then, was twofold: to ensure compliance with the new regulations while maintaining user engagement. Achieving this balance was no easy task.


Homa Games’ immediate goal was to make their gaming applications compliant and agile enough to adapt quickly to future regulations. But more than that, it was about unlocking new monetization and diverse partnership opportunities, and maintaining superior inventory quality.


Homa Games embarked on a journey to innovate and evolve its approach to deliver an enriched user experience while maintaining its commitment to privacy.


How did Homa Games turn challenges into opportunities, and what strategies got them there? Download our full case study now to discover the journey Homa Games took to master the intersection of privacy, user engagement, and monetization.

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