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Homa Games chooses Usercentrics CMP SDK for game compliance

Homa Games achieves up to 10% increase in Ad LTV through user consent with apps data privacy compliance.
by Usercentrics
Aug 2, 2023
Casestudy with homa
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Homa Games is a game developer with over 80 games and 200 employees across 34 different nationalities in four locations. The company had the vision to build communities and technology that help game makers transform their ideas into games that billions are eager to download and play.


One of Homa’s most popular releases is Tape Thrower, with over 10 million downloads and over 11 thousand daily installs. The team at Homa Games were faced with the challenge of integrating consent in a way that would make them compliant and not lose user engagement at the same time. The goal was to make Tape Tower compliant, easily adopt new regulations appearing in the future, and most importantly, unlock new monetization partners and inventory quality.




daily installs


launch data


To solve user consent issues, Homa Games decided to integrate a consent management SDK to enable consent from users and meet requirements from regulators. The team at Homa Games chose to work with the Usercentrics Consent Management SDK, a plug-and-play CMP solution designed to fix all complex compliance issues automatically, so app developers and publishers can continue thriving with data protection in mind.



Ads LTV increase




additional investments

After integrating consent in Tape Tower, Homa Games was able to unlock ad networks inventory in regulated regions like Europe and California, bringing an 10% increase in Ad LTV.

Usercentrics is simply top tier. Integration was a breeze, and it gives us the control and flexibility we need to launch new games fast, experiment with different setups and roll out to targeted regions. The results we saw on ARPDAU and LTV uplift made it very easy for me to sell Usercentrics to our organization.
Manel Simon, Head of Mobile, Homa Games

Seeing how smart consent yielded strong benefits, the team at Homa is now planning to implement our Consent Management SDK in more games in their portfolio to increase monetization and avoid privacy fines.

In addition to the direct benefits to ad revenue as a consequence of compliance, the team at Homa Games also got a better, more clear picture of their users and their consent decisions.

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