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Leader Spring 2021

We are the Leader in Best Consent Management Platform (CMP) Software of this years Spring G2 selection

Increased customer trust

Usercentrics helps us and our customers to be 100% GDPR-compliant and to load the tags on the website in the correct order. And, what’s most important, only after obtaining the user’s consent. By using the Consent Management Platform, we can also ensure an increased customer trust.

Dirk LajosbanyaiManaging Director, ad agents GmbH

First-class customer support

Our clients include lawyers to whom transparency and data sovereignty is extremely important. With the help of the Usercentrics Consent Management Platform, we can now easily meet these requirements. After a brief onboarding call and entering all necessary data in the system we immediately received the embedding code. All in all it was a very smooth process! We got feedback very promptly whenever we were having additional questions or requests for adjustments.

Markus ZipfelCMS and application development, aimcom GmbH & Co. KG brands & communications

Easy & fast implementation

In order to be GDPR-compliant it was of great importance for us to carefully collect and document the consent of our website visitors. That’s why we decided to use a SaaS Consent Management Software. We initially had concerns that our relatively complex tag management would make the implementation more difficult. However, they were quickly dispelled: after only one week, the Usercentrics Consent Management platform was fully operational on the website. In conclusion: It was a quick and successful onboarding process!

Dennis GneussChief Digital Officer, Movinga GmbH