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What is CCPA and why do I need to comply?

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) (in force since July 1, 2020) is a privacy law that applies to 40 million California residents (even on vacation) and the hundreds of thousands of businesses that interact with them. The CCPA is therefore not solely aimed at businesses based in California. It affects any business that processes the personal information of consumers in California – if certain criteria are fulfilled

Failing to have a website CCPA-compliant can result in a fine of up to $7,500 per violation. So make sure you are on the safe side and become compliant today!

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With the Usercentrics CMP
you can:

✔ Easily include a “Do not sell my Personal Information”-link as an Opt-out option for users giving them the opportunity to say “no” to the selling of their personal data 

✔ Inform users of the collection of personal data & create and manage a CCPA-compliant, transparent privacy policy

✔ Ensure that user preferences are stored and documented in compliance with applicable laws

✔ Be fully supportive of the IAB CCPA Framework  

Built for SMBs and Fortune 500 companies

We help you make your website and app CCPA-compliant, no matter the size of your business

  • Secure & private
    by default

    We use state-of-the-art technology and security measures. And: Usercentrics never shares or sells data.

  • Configurable &

    Manage your Usercentrics configuration, permissions, and single sign-on the way YOU want.

  • GDPR- &

    Trust us with your customer’s data! Usercentrics is compliant with all relevant regulations and always up to date.


1. Choose your favorite display option

You may either choose our Banner solution…

… or go for a Privacy Wall.

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ccpa privacy wall - Usercentrics
2. Include a CCPA-compliant Do not sell my Personal Information-link

How does this work?

CCPA requires website owners to provide a “Do not sell my personal information”-link to give their users the opportunity to opt-out of the sale of their data. With Usercentrics, you can add your custom link which will be displayed in the first layer of the CCPA banner. Users can then go ahead and automatically deactivate all data transfers to third-party vendors via the link. 

Please note: The CCPA does not stipulate opt-outs on a granular level (like e.g. the GDPR does), only on a category level.

ccpa - do not sell my personal data link - Usercentrics
3. Create a comprehensive privacy policy and inform users about their rights

How does this work?

According to the CCPA, the purpose of cookies and other tracking technologies needs to be clearly stated in the Privacy Policy. With our CMP you get to decide the exact wording of the banner message, when the message will be shown and in what frequency. Your legal interpretations will be respected and you can change it anytime with just a few clicks should you adapt your strategy or legal opinion in the case of regulatory events.

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4. Target all consumers protected by CCPA

Decide which users you want to be shown the Privacy Banner:

ccpa admin interface - Usercentrics

How does this work?

We enable geo-location targeting and give you the option to decide who gets to see the CCPA opt-out banner (US website visitors or Californian visitors) – and who doesn’t. Based on the user’s IP-address, our CMP can dynamically show the right compliance message.

To find out more about all your responsibilities as a website owner, download our CCPA Checklist.

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Easy & fast implementation

In order to be GDPR-compliant it was of great importance for us to carefully collect and document the consent of our website visitors. That’s why we decided to use a SaaS Consent Management Software. We initially had concerns that our relatively complex tag management would make the implementation more difficult. However, they were quickly dispelled: after only one week, the Usercentrics Consent Management platform was fully operational on the website. In conclusion: It was a quick and successful onboarding process!
Dennis GneussNameChief Digital Officer, Movinga GmbH

Increased customer trust

Usercentrics helps us and our customers to be 100% GDPR-compliant and to load the tags on the website in the correct order. And, what’s most important, only after obtaining the user’s consent. By using the Consent Management Platform, we can also ensure an increased customer trust.
Dirk LajosbanyaiManaging Director, ad agents GmbH

First-class customer support

Our clients include lawyers to whom transparency and data sovereignty is extremely important. With the help of the Usercentrics Consent Management Platform, we can now easily meet these requirements. After a brief onboarding call and entering all necessary data in the system we immediately received the embedding code. All in all it was a very smooth process! We got feedback very promptly whenever we were having additional questions or requests for adjustments.
Markus ZipfelCMS and application development, aimcom GmbH & Co. KG brands & communications

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