Manage Consents, professionally & with ease.

GDPR requirements are pretty complex. That’s why our priority is to make configuring a CMP as easy as possible. With our extensive feature set we give you all the tools you need to be in full control of your CMP while achieving peace of mind.

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Flexibility & Customizability

Fully customize your CMP to your needs

Flexibility and customization of a CMP is crucial, because in the end, you take legal responsibility for what you put on your site.

Therefore, we let you decide whether you want
a Privacy Banner or a Privacy Wall, which legal basis shall be used for each service, colours, user behaviour, deny button or not. Literally almost every element of the Usercentrics CMP is customizable.

Our CMP reflects YOUR legal interpretation and blends in with YOUR CI.


Using categories to inform your users better

In order to facilitate informing your users we advise to display purpose-describing categories of Data Processing Services first.

Usercentrics enables you to classify the Data Processing Services used on your website into different categories. You can use our predefined categories or create your own categories and description texts based on your needs.

In case you activate the IAB Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF 2.0) we make sure you meet all IAB policy requirements, e.g. purposes, special purposes, features and special features.

We also enable you to add your categories as non-IAB purposes. 

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Granular choices for more transparency

Granularity and detailed information are important requirements for valid consent. Therefore, you can add and manage all Data Processing Services (Google Analytics, Criteo, Facebook Pixel, etc.) which are used on your website or by your app. 

Our Service Database gives you an extensive pool of 1000+ predefined Services that you can choose from. This entails all legally mandatory information which will become part of the consent audit trail and can be embedded in your Privacy Policy as well.

For more info check out our section on Auto Embed.

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Define settings and languages for various regional scopes

GDPR might be the most infamous privacy law, but it’s certainly not the only one. In fact, for every user outside of the EU, there are different regulations and therefore different requirements for consent banners that might apply.

Usercentrics enables you to make that differentiation and decide on a regional level through the IP-address which settings should be displayed to which users. On top, you can choose from 35+ languages to be shown to your users.

Permission Management

Assign roles and permissions

The configuration of the CMP has direct legal implications for your company. Therefore, it is important to be in control who can edit, push or check internal configurations within the admin interface. 

Involved departments like Legal or Marketing
or IT need different levels of permissions. With Usercentrics you can assign team members various permissions.

Permission Management | Usercentrics
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Analytics & Reporting

Keep track of your new KPI:
the Opt-in Rate

In Usercentrics Admin Interface you can easily monitor your Opt-in and Opt-out Rate with the Explicit Users Interactions and Opt-in Reporting analytics graphs. 

After go-live, this should still be on your mind
as it is directly tied to the amount of data you get which might have a direct effect on your advertising, therefore revenue.

Monitoring & DPS Scanner

Monitoring options

Proving that you acted in compliance is one of the crucial functionalities of a CMP. Usercentrics therefore monitors your data collection and transfer 24/7 so that you can prove you never sent data without asking for consent and informing your user. With Usercentrics, you can be sure to have an audit trail at hand whenever you need it in case of an data protection audit or complaints.

The Usercentrics DPS Scanner is one of our most important monitoring tools. If you want to know more about all the features it offers, check out this page.

DPS Scanner Overview
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Intuitive interface

We made Usercentrics intuitive
and straightforward, for you.

GDPR Consent management requirements are hard enough. That’s why our priority is to make configuring a CMP as easy as possible. Our interface is designed to be intuitive. 

In case you’re still stuck, you can watch our explainer videos, read into our straight-forward documentation or contact our Customer Success Team. Ultimately, you can also choose one of our implementation partners who will do everything for you.


Setup is straightforward and compatible with your tech stack

  • Configuration

    Add and manage all third-party services.

    Decide on legal standpoints. 

    Design the CMP (banner vs. wall, prominence of deny button, colors, etc.)

  • Implementation & Testing

    Once the CMP is configured you integrate the

    JavaScript / SDK in your platform and connect all services / tags

    which shall be controlled by the CMP. Make sure to test behaviour and appearance.

  • Optimization

    After first go-live you should setup a 2nd or 3rd variation of the CMP design

    and user flow and go into A/B testing.

    Monitor results closely through reporting

    and find your optimal setup.

A CMP means peace of mind. Try it!