Google Consent Mode

Usercentrics is a certified Google CMP Program Partner

Google has launched a new CMP Partner Program with Google Consent Mode featuring Usercentrics Consent Management Platforms (CMPs).
by Usercentrics
Sep 20, 2022
Google Consent Mode
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Today Google announced their CMP Partner Program for Google Consent Mode, which provides advertisers with even more ways to activate the service. Usercentrics is a featured partner in the program. Read Google’s CMP Partner Program announcement.


Google Consent Mode launched in 2020 as a solution to provide companies with greater flexibility in how they use Google tags with tools like their Consent Management Platform (CMP). CMP partners in this Program are integrated with Google Consent Mode and Google Tag Manager, ensuring seamless implementation and helping to address technical challenges.

Usercentrics has supported Google Consent Mode since its launch. The powerful pairing of the Google Consent Mode API with Usercentrics’ CMP enables companies to obtain user consent for advertising-related cookie usage, with the behavior of supported tags then adjusted based on this signal.


As a certified Google CMP program partner, Usercentrics enables customer confidence in our Consent Management Platform working seamlessly with Google Consent Mode. Together they ensure that customers can achieve more comprehensive measurement and better privacy compliance in the ever-changing regulatory landscape. At the same time, companies gain valuable insights to optimize consent rates to secure the data they need for their data-driven businesses.



Google provides some of the most popular website tools and services. Using Google Consent Mode with the Usercentrics CMP means that companies can run all their favorite Google services, like Google Analytics, Google Ads and Google Tag Manager, based on the consent choices of end users, which get passed from the CMP to these services.


It’s an invaluable partnership for companies that want to build trust by ensuring great user experiences for their website visitors while still obtaining the data they need for ads and analytics, and achieving compliance with privacy regulations like the GDPR.

Customers that have implemented the Usercentrics CMP collect granular and informed user consent for all the web technologies in use on websites or apps. Paired with Google Consent Mode, Google tags will receive consent data and be able to determine if permission has been given for a site to use cookies for advertising purposes for a given user. (Learn more.)


Google tags adjust their behavior and only fire those cookies if consent was granted for that specific purpose, and conversion reports reflect each case. Specific tag blocking isn’t required, because tags for which consent has not been received aren’t activated at all. The Usercentrics CMP centralizes the function of your implemented Google services, for privacy peace of mind.



In cases where a user chooses not to provide consent for the relevant cookies or other web technologies in use, Google Consent Mode provides aggregate and non-identifying information, basic measurements and modeling data, like visit timestamps, user agent, referrer, etc.



Google Consent Mode supports the following:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads (Google Ads Conversion Tracking and Remarketing)
  • Google Tag Manager
  • gtag
  • Floodlight
  • Conversion Linker


Google’s popular and powerful web services and technologies help companies get the data and insights they need to grow their businesses. Usercentrics helps companies ensure they meet relevant data privacy regulatory requirements and build trust with their website and app users, while enabling them to keep using their favorite tools and services.


Using the Usercentrics CMP with Google Consent Mode is the smart way to automate and streamline your consent management strategy. Usercentrics is proud to be a partner in the Google CMP Partner Program, and we’re dedicated to continuing to bring innovative solutions and partnerships to market.


Why not get a personal demo of the Usercentrics CMP today? Or get started now and put the powerful pairing of the Usercentrics CMP and Google Consent Mode to work for your organization’s privacy compliance strategy.

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