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Usercentrics is certified for Google’s new CMP requirement for publishers

Usercentrics certified by Google for a new requirement for publishers utilizing Google services. They will now have to use a certified CMP when serving ads in the EEA and UK.
by Eike Paulat
May 17, 2023
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We are pleased to announce that Usercentrics CMP has been certified by Google. As per Google’s announcement on 16th May, publishers using Google AdSense, Ad Manager, or AdMob products for serving ads in the EEA and UK will be required to use only Google-certified Consent Management Platforms (CMPs).


Google’s main objective with this requirement is to establish “a more unified and reliable approach to transparency and consent” and “a more privacy-conscious digital advertising ecosystem.”


Usercentrics has always been at the forefront of digital data privacy compliance and has worked closely with Google. The Usercentrics CMP was among the first certified CMPs when Google launched its CMP Partner Program for Google Consent Mode in September 2022.


We are honored that both our products – Usercentrics CMP and Cookiebot CMP – are included in Google’s list of certified CMPs.


How can publishers comply with Google’s new CMP requirements?


If you’re already a Usercentrics customer, there is no action needed from you for now. Rest assured that you are meeting Google’s new requirements.


If you’re a publisher who has not yet implemented a consent management platform, or if your current CMP provider is neither certified nor has plans to become certified, this is your chance to fully capitalize on the benefits offered by Usercentrics CMP for your business and optimize your monetization efforts.


We are excited to continue strengthening our collaboration with both Google and publishers. For any questions or concerns, book a quick meeting with one of our experts.

Eike Paulat
Product director at Usercentrics
Strategy | Leadership | Privacy

Eike Paulat is Director of Product at Usercentrics, based in Denmark. As a passionate product leader focused on customer-centric innovation, he’s been instrumental in pioneering the privacy tech market. Spearheading our Google Consent Management Platform (CMP) Partnership, he’s also Usercentrics’ primary liaison for Google service integrations and privacy developments.

Eike’s unique blend of tech-savviness, clear product vision, and unwavering commitment to positive impact doesn’t only contribute to building great products but also makes working alongside him a thrilling experience, whether you’re part of his team, a tech partner or customer.

Connect with Eike for insights on privacy tech innovations and leadership in product development.

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