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Duda and Usercentrics enable SaaS platforms and agencies to build feature-rich, optimized and responsive websites that are data privacy-compliant and build user trust.


Reliable & Trusted

Privacy peace of mind

Duda’s platform brings powerful free tools to users. Usercentrics scans websites to detect and display third-party technologies on the site that may process users’ personal data.

Get all the insights you need for great user experience.

Fully Integrated

Better apps, better website

Installation can be done in seconds, and then technologies that users have not consented to are blocked automatically. The Usercentrics integration provides customizable privacy notifications, and stores and manages consents for data compliance peace of mind.

Make transparency part of your brand and build user trust.


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Visitors Take Control

User-driven privacy with a click

Privacy laws are being passed around the world, and consumers’ privacy concerns are growing. Meet those concerns head on with the Usercentrics’ Consent & Cookie Management integration from Duda’s App store.

Data privacy compliance peace of mind – anywhere in the world.

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Whether extensions or platform integrations, Usercentrics brings customers consent management peace of mind.