Usercentrics Data Privacy Compliance Case Study with AMBOSS
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AMBOSS protects data for global user base with Usercentrics

Usercentrics Consent Management Platform (CMP) helps Amboss achieve GDPR compliance across 5 websites and 8 mobile apps.
by Usercentrics
Jun 13, 2024
Usercentrics Data Privacy Compliance Case Study with AMBOSS
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AMBOSS is a medical education provider with a mission to empower all doctors to provide the best possible care. Active worldwide, with offices in Europe and the United States — also currently their largest markets — AMBOSS helps doctors and medical students with ongoing learning, informed decision-making, and success.

The company’s products distill down the vast amounts of information that medical professionals need and make it applicable to patient care, helping with clinical decision-making and improving patients’ lives.

AMBOSS’s digital resource is used by two million medical professionals in over 170 countries. The company currently has 500 employees, with offices in Berlin, Cologne, and New York. Compliance with the EU’s GDPR is critical for their business, and also helps prepare the organization for evolving data privacy regulations in Europe and around the world.

AMBOSS has been using the Usercentrics CMP since early 2021, with their initial implementation taking less than a week. They have since expanded their use of the Usercentrics CMP from two to five domains, and the CMP is currently in use with all eight of their mobile apps.

We are satisfied with the product overall. It helped us to reduce time and energy to manage compliance-related issues and focus more on the product itself.
Ekaterina Kolbasova, Head of IT at AMBOSS


AMBOSS needs to be compliant with the strict data privacy regulations in the European Union, especially the GDPR. But with a worldwide clientele and valued relationships with them, they also need to be on top of the evolving global data privacy landscape.

We talked to Ekaterina Kolbasova, Head of IT at AMBOSS, who noted, “We have a large user base, and it is extremely important for us to protect the data that we receive from them.”



Easy implementation and comprehensive functionality

Get the CMP implemented as quickly and easily as possible. Ensure the CMP enables full customization and detection of all services in use on websites and apps.


Flexible and user-friendly configuration

Ensure the team—technical or not—can implement and customize the CMP, as well as enable ongoing privacy compliance as regulations and digital technologies evolve, saving the company time and resources.


Strong support

Solid and ongoing collaboration, with guaranteed high availability and responsiveness, and solutions that solve customer issues quickly.


Peace of mind with regulatory compliance

Meet GDPR and any other international regulatory requirements for consent and data security, reducing legal risk and ensuring the company provides great user experience while getting the data they need.

Making It Work Together

We asked about the defining factors that led AMBOSS to choose Usercentrics. Kolbasova said that, “We had a very good experience with the negotiation and acquisition process, and in general, it was a product with a very good reputation.”


Performance and optimization

Usercentrics has the goal of doing the heavy lifting of consent management to enable customers to stay focused on their core business. We were glad to hear that it sounds like the CMP has been successful at helping AMBOSS do that. Kolbasova noted, “We are satisfied with the product overall. It helped us to reduce time and energy to manage compliance-related issues and focus more on the product itself. We are confident that the information in the CMP is up-to-date and relevant.”


Save time and work

We asked about the AMBOSS team’s experience implementing the Usercentrics CMP. Ekaterina commented that, “It was easy to integrate the product into our processes and codebase.” AMBOSS has customized the CMP for their branding, including colors, logo, layout, and various functions, both to optimize user experience and for regulatory compliance.

When asked about their favorite features, she added, “The Data Processing Services database is extensive and detailed. We like the option to select which DPS to use, versioned DPS descriptions rollout, API and reporting.”


Security and optimization today and tomorrow

We asked Ekaterina about the technical and business value that their CMP implementation has brought to AMBOSS. The benefits were considerable: “We were able to streamline our consent management process and lower implementation efforts, thus saving valuable engineering time. Brand trust and reputation, of course, comes with the streamlined processes and compliance.”

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