User interaction analytics and
consent reporting

Customer insights make a real difference. Analyze interactions and acceptance rates to improve your Consent Management Platform (CMP) and better engage users.








Optimize Banner

Your Website’s Key KPIs

Optimize Banner Performance

Interaction analytics provide more actionable insights. Get key, granular data points from your real world customers improve your user experience. We’re always enhancing our Analytics tools to get you the timely, customized data you need to drive marketing decisions.

Better Monitoring & Optimization

Evolve from opt-ins to interactions

Learn more from user behavior. Get better monitoring and interactions analysis. Use interaction analytics to optimize banner acceptance rates. Achieve better transparency and trust building.

Standard plan customers can monitor consent reporting for the last 7 days. Enterprise plan customers can analyze user behavior to better understand consent rates and test Consent Management Platform (CMP) changes to increase KPIs.

Better Monitoring & Optimization
Behavior-driven Analysis

Behavior-driven Analysis

Flexible, powerful analytics for Enterprise customers.

Accept? Deny? Customize?
Learn in detail how users are engaging
with your Consent Management Platform.

Use real user interaction data to improve your
Consent Management Platform and boost acceptance rates.

Data-driven Insights

Capture, Learn & Optimize

Take the guesswork out of consent management. With analytics, see how your optimizations of the Consent Management Platform’s configuration – text, colors, layout, technologies, etc. – affect customers’ consent choices. Over time, gain invaluable insights as you continue to optimize user experience to maximize data capture.

Data-driven Insights
  • Key Marketing

    Sophisticated analytics tools for deep understanding of users’ consent behavior to improve acceptance rates.

  • The Metrics
    that matter

    Improved monitoring and consent reporting to grow user trust and advertising revenue.

  • CMP Banner interactions

    Demonstrate the impact of customer input. Directly use their actions to make Consent Management Platform improvements.

Get Analytics working for you

Great marketing builds trust with users. User trust means higher acceptance rates for better data to make smarter marketing decisions.

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