Opt-in Optimization

Opt-in Optimization

Our Whitepaper gives you detailed information about Opt-in Optimization
by Usercentrics

The Starting Point

Everything was better in online marketing before, wasn’t it? We knew exactly who our customers were, what they liked and how they moved around our website. But the times of “transparent people” are past: Across the world, legal regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) or guidelines of national data protection authorities (e.g. the German DSK, French CNIL etc.) are setting new benchmarks for existing data protection laws. Many digital marketers therefore fear limitations in their digital marketing strategies and associated advertising losses.

However, this fear is largely unfounded because every radical change brings with it completely new chances and opportunities.

Make date protection your priority and the optimisation of your opt-in rate your new marketing KPI!

The Solution: Consent Management Platform

  1. What does opt-in optimisation mean?
  2. Strategies and best practices for opt-in optimisation
  3. Checklist: How to optimise your opt-in rates
  4. Key takeaways and conclusion

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