GDPR-Compliance for
mobile optimised websites.

You have an AMP website and are wondering how to get GDPR-ready? Then, our native AMP Consent Management Platform (closed beta) might come in handy! The intuitive solution was designed for AMP pages and helps you fulfill the GDPR requirements for consent and information.

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Increased mobile web browsing
requires mobile optimised websites

As of June 2020, mobile web browsing accounts for more than 50% of all online browsing activities worldwide. Therefore, the need for mobile-friendly websites is on the rise as well. 

The AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) framework is exactly designed for that purpose. The open source HTML framework was initially created by Google and is intended to help web pages load faster, thus making them more user-friendly.


Be user-friendly and GDPR-compliant at the same time

Users love AMP pages, mostly due to their quick loading times. However, many AMP pages are still struggling with adhering to the GDPR requirements as far as user consent is concerned. 

This is where the native Usercentrics CMP for AMP pages (closed beta) steps in. Integrate the CMP by adding just a few code snippets to your page – and start asking your users for consent to processing their data. Moreover, the CMP for AMP (beta) helps you fulfill your duty to inform your users whenever personal data is being processed (GDPR, Art. 14).

GDPR-compliant - AMP Consent Management - Usercentrics


What you need to know

Easy to install CMP solution for AMP websites

Banner position is fixed at the bottom

Information for each data processing service is available when expanding the banner by clicking on the upper right corner

Giving granular consent is not possible due to restrictions of the AMP framework (hence, not compliant with TCF 2.0)

This beta version stores consent in the browser

Limited customization options

Not compatible with our Smart Data Protector




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Getting Started - AMP Consent Management - Usercentrics


To integrate the Usercentrics AMP Consent Management Platform (closed beta) into your AMP site, all you need to do is insert a few code snippets – and you’re armed to properly collect your users’ consents.

Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Add the amp-consent script to your website
  2. Add the styling by including custom CSS
  3. Add the configuration
  4. Allow users to change consent options

Congratulations, your AMP site is now well-equipped with our Consent Management Platform!

This feature is available in our Enterprise Package.