Automatically block
third-party requests

Be quick and safe with our Smart Data Protector.
Prevent any user data being transferred to third-party
recipients until the user gives consent for it.

Smart Data Protector 1 | Usercentrics


The Usercentrics Smart Data Protector is a service that blocks third-party technologies you added to your website and activates them only for users that give their consent via the CMP. 

For example, if a YouTube Video iFrame is embedded on your website, the Smart Data Protector will prevent any data from being sent to the YouTube server until the consent is given.

Additionally our Privacy Proxy service will provide your users with a preview image of the video, provided by our servers.


Allow contextual opt-ins

The Privacy Proxy incentivizes users to opt-in by providing an option to give consent via a consent layer over the preview image. 

The benefit: Your users get a sneak-peek of the content and are therefore incentivized to interact with the consent layer in the preview image.

The preview image is provided by our servers, so there will be no data requests going out from your website to the third-party servers.

Smart Data Protector 2 | Usercentrics

Smart Data Protector gives you Peace of Mind

  • Prevent sending unconsented
    user data to third-parties

  • Provide an extra protection
    layer over the user data

  • Enrich user experience by
    explicit consent layer

This feature is available in all of our packages starting from the Standard Package

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