Press The Usercentrics team steps out and raises funds in a big way for Cancer Awareness Month

The Usercentrics team steps out and raises funds in a big way for Cancer Awareness Month

Dec 4, 2023
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Munich, 4 December 2023 –  October was Cancer Awareness Month at Usercentrics. Our team took time to get educated, hear personal stories, and walked, ran, and rolled to support cancer charities.

10,345,842 steps

7883 kilometres

1000€ raised

October was Cancer Awareness Month, and the Usercentrics team tackled a number of activities to learn, connect with our values, and help out. For our company-wide DEI initiatives, each month has a focus, which we actively tie into our values.

Be Brave
We have courage to face risks and speak openly because we always support each other.
Better Together
We listen, make safe spaces, and trust each other to get the job done or ask for help because we all have the same goals.
Lead By Example
We can all build and use leadership skills, so we take initiative and value everyone’s potential, abilities, and experience.
Innovate With Purpose
We solve real world problems so that successful data-driven business and user privacy enable a thriving digital ecosystem.
Passion For Privacy
We drive innovation by building sustainable technology and long-term relationships with privacy as our vision and mission.
Give Back
We share what we have, and grow with intention, purpose, and care.
Come As You Are
We are different and global at all levels, so we commit to equity, embracing and working through differences, and are always listening and learning.


In October we held sessions about lowering cancer risk with lifestyle choices, and about cancer screening in the various countries where our offices are located. Presentations also included information about the disease, personal stories about how cancer has affected the lives of team members and their loved ones, and guidelines about when and how often screening for various cancers is recommended.

Our “DEI Shorts” presentations have become a super popular way to share information and stories, and really help to humanize these initiatives among our team members.

The team leveraged our ongoing encouragement for people to get more active with some fundraising, and we used the Outwalk app for a step challenge to also raise money. Our collective goal was 10 million steps, and across countries (and continents) we did it!

Our final total was 10,345,842 steps from participating employees. We walked and ran over 7883 kilometres. How far is that? That’s enough to walk to all of our offices in Munich, Odense, Copenhagen, Prague, and Lisbon, and still have over 1000 km left over. Go team!

Usercentrics raised enough money to donate 1000€, which we distributed among three organizations: European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC), International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), and Childhood Cancer International (CCI).

Usercentrics CEO Donna Dror, who also chairs the internal DEI team, expressed her enthusiasm for the month’s events. “Cancer touches nearly everyone’s life, so we greatly appreciate team members sharing their stories, and the company-wide enthusiasm for learning and working to make a difference. We are thrilled at the level of participation in October, and being able to make multiple donations is a concrete way of living our values, including #Lead By Example and #Give Back.”

Earlier this year, the Usercentrics team has learned about and held activities related to a number of groups, histories, and causes. These include Indigenous Peoples, Gender Equality, and currently, in November, Asian Heritage. We find it especially meaningful that our own team members who have these identities and backgrounds drive so many of the activities each month.


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