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Achieve maximum individualization and secure top level performance with the Usercentrics Browser SDK

by Usercentrics
Apr 3, 2020
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Custom design in line with the CI and strong marketing performance is not an either/or decision any longer. How? With the new Usercentrics Browser SDK* we have completely redefined and revised our previous solution. In the following, we would like to give you a brief overview of the new solution and show you what this means for you both on a technical as well as on a operational level 

There’s a peanut butter to every jelly sandwich – or: Every website finds its suitable UI* solution

The SDK Browser is the latest development of our existing app in Typescript, which separates Logic and Layout. Our goal is to give our customers more freedom in the layout (i.e. both design and user flow) for the Consent User Journey via an API. 

In other words: With the Browser SDK you have the possibility to use our CMP without a prefabricated layout. You can develop a User Interface according to your own ideas and link it to our CMP in the background.

Besides the higher flexibility in design, there is another advantage which makes Usercentrics the leading CMP: The division of Logic and User Interface leads to a substantial reduction of the file size, which has a beneficial effect on performance marketing aspects such as SEO, SEA, etc

In the future, you, as a Usercentrics customer, will be able to choose from three possible options:

Usercentrics UI: The simplest solution

  • Customers choosing a predefined Usercentrics UI can select their favorite from a    theme gallery (predefined layouts) provided by Usercentrics. Customization of buttons and colours is still possible with this variant.  
  • This solution is of particular interest for companies regardless of size who want to keep a close eye on the performance of their CMP solution.

Client UI or Agency UI

  • Customers who place a strong value on individual branding (e.g. in their own corporate design) have the option of implementing this with the Client UI or Agency UI variant. This allows companies to have the desired design implemented in-house, by a specialized agency or a Usercentrics Partner. 
  • The advantage here: Websites keep full control of their CI at all times. 


Preview of the new Usercentrics UI


Usercentrics Banner EN


Usercentrics Button EN


Usercentrics Settings EN

We will inform you about further developments in a timely manner!



A Software Development Kit (SDK) is a collection of programming tools and program libraries used to develop software.


The user interface is the place or action by which a human interacts with a machine or device. This refers to the interaction with the Usercentrics Consent Management solution.

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