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How To Automatically Update Your Privacy Policy with Usercentrics

by Usercentrics
Apr 22, 2020
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Usercentrics can be easily incorporated into the data privacy policy.

The benefit: If you include a new function in the Consent Management Platform (CMP), it is automatically displayed in the correct place in the data privacy policy. As this is done automatically, you don’t have to worry about editing and updating the data protection statement again.

The legal information is therefore automatically synchronized, leaving no room for contradictions- time-consuming adaptation and checking by employees from Legal, IT and Marketing is no longer necessary.

You can find out exactly how this works and more, directly on our website.

This is how we synchronize our CMP and privacy policy

On our Privacy Policy page you can access and view the individual elements of the statement by clicking on each section where a drop down appears. This increases the user-friendliness considerably, since the user is not immediately overwhelmed by a long continuous text.Usercentrics Privacy Policy


We have embedded our software accordingly in the “Implemented Technologies” section:

Usercentrics - Implementierbare Technologien


Usercentrics Does The Research – So You Don’t Have To

Together with the Usercentrics CMP package, all of our customers receive free access to our extensive legal document database. This includes data processing services and accompanying legally relevant information such as scope, purpose, place and duration of processing. A service which we maintain with the utmost attention to detail and legal accuracy, because we believe that this represents a decisive added value for every website operator. 

Our legal texts can be translated into more than 30 different languages and each existing legal text can be individually adapted. If a document is missing for a service that a customer uses, we can add it to our database on request and foster the legal texts for this service in the future.

Alternatively, customers’ personal, so-called “Custom Data Processing Services” can be added if they are not available in our database. For example, this would make sense for first-party cookies for the shopping cart. Also in this case does the synchronization of CMP Interface and Embedding in the Privacy Policy function flawlessly.

In order to be constantly up-to-date with regard to the legal texts of a service, we offer our customers an “Always update to the latest version” function. This allows customers to update legal texts that are relevant to them on a regular basis and actively include the update in their CMP. 

This saves our customers valuable time in researching and updating the services they are using. Furthermore, this allows one to prove retrospectively that the user was accurately informed and with what information.

You can find instructions on how the Usercentrics embeddings work here:

If you have any questions regarding the implementation of the Embeddings or about our database, we will gladly help you. Please contact us here.


Disclaimer: We as Usercentrics, do not assume any legal liability for the texts in our database. Please verify them yourself and/or with your legal counsel.

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