Privacy for every service

Partnering with Usercentrics provides your customers with compliance assurance, flexible integrations, and better data.

Flexible options for your platform

  • Extensions

    CMP functionality for websites. Simplify the complexities of data privacy compliance.

  • Platform Integrations

    Powerful, flexible CMP functionality on your platform. Achieve privacy compliance, collect better data, and improve user trust.

  • Hybrid Extensions

    The most powerful CMP integration. Fast, easy integration for data privacy compliance with customizable configuration.

Our Partner Integrations

Whether it’s building beautiful websites, developing the next killer app or launching small businesses,
Usercentrics integrations make compliance easy – for any size of business need, anywhere in the world.

“Through our partnership with Usercentrics, we were able to realize “Trusted Shops Consent-Manager” and thereby combining the best of 2 worlds: our easy-to-use user interface and their CMP that is connected through Usercentrics Partner API”.

“We are thrilled to partner with Usercentrics, the leading European consent management solution. Data Privacy regulations are complex but Usercentrics makes it simple for our merchants by ensuring legal compliance and improving conversion rates.”

“Usercentrics solved a critical challenge for Duda: solving consent, tracking, and privacy concerns on top of websites. Our integration effort with Usercentrics was minimal and we now have a tool for the ever-changing global privacy regulations.”

Explore our tech partnerships

Whether extensions or platform integrations, Usercentrics brings customers consent management peace of mind.