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Data privacy compliance enforcement is ramping up in many countries. Is your site vulnerable? Adding the Usercentrics Module means the legal complexity is handled for you. Entrepreneurs can relieve stress and stay focused on what they do best.

GDPR? We’ve got you covered.

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The Usercentrics CMP Module automatically identifies third-party technologies by scanning your site and providing you a full overview. Then with the fully customizable banner and messaging, obtain informed consent from visitors.

Good marketing is data-driven, but only with consent.

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Ecommerce sites are subject to data privacy laws, just like other websites. Transparency with your customers and demonstrated privacy compliance build trust. Secure data capture and get better data quality. Don’t just protect ad revenue, increase it.

Try out the 15-day free trial to see how the Usercentrics CMP Module can provide compliance peace of mind.

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Whether extensions or platform integrations, Usercentrics brings customers consent management peace of mind.