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dwc consult helps companies set up and manage consent management solutions as well as hybrid web tracking concepts. Our special expertise is the implementation of a CMP with the highest possible consent rate through constant optimisation and adaptation to the current legal situation.

Our combined, cross-industry experience in online and E-Commerce in the areas of data protection, web analytics & data science enables us to provide an individual solution for customers of all sizes, including industry leaders such as Mercedes Benz, Liebherr, Viessmann or Scheppach. Our particular strengths are the development and management of consent management software with Usercentrics & server-side tracking/tagging with Google Tag Manager. The goal is always to achieve the highest possible amount and quality of data, both with and without the consent of the end user.

Every customer is offered a free initial consultation in which possible concepts and optimisations are shown.

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We support companies in the implementation and optimization of consent management solutions as well as hybrid web tracking concepts. Our core focus is on the products Usercentrics CMP (Standard + Custom UI, Browser SDK), Google Marketing Platform (Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Ads, Optimize, Data Studio), Google Cloud (BigQuery, Functions, App Engine, Compute Engine), AT Internet & Matomo.
Your website/application will be reviewed free of charge to analyse data protection risks and analytics optimisation options. Afterwards, an individual, concept will be developed on how to collect the highest possible amount of qualitative data and provide an optimal user experience despite data protection compliance.

Through our work with Usercentrics since 2019, we have been able to build up a large repertoire of experience with and around Usercentrics. We are well connected with the partner-, customer success- and product team and as a premium partner we get beta access to new features. The good and close collaboration between Usercentrics and us enables our joint customers to receive the best possible support for the software they use.

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Implementation of Web CMP, Implementation of App CMP, Tag Management Integration, Maintenance of the Usercentrics CMP, A/B testing / Opt-in optimization / Data analytics, CSS / Customization, Legal Services & Consultancy, BI & Data Management Services, Implementation of the Browser SDK, Cross-Domain Consent Sharing