New Google CMP Partner Program features Usercentrics CMPs

New Google CMP Partner Program features Usercentrics CMPs

Sep 20, 2022

Munich, 20.09.2022: Google has launched a new CMP Partner Program in relation to their Consent Mode solution, featuring the Usercentrics and Cookiebot Consent Management Platforms (CMPs).

With Usercentrics CMPs, using Consent Mode is now easier than ever

Consent Mode bridges the gap between data privacy and data-driven digital advertising by ensuring seamless marketing and analytics on your website, based on users’ consent choices.

The CMP plays a crucial role in this process with its integration with Consent Mode. It collects consent via the cookie banner and transmits users’ consent status to Google tags via Consent Mode. The tags then adjust their behavior accordingly, helping ensure no data is used without explicit consent.

“Consent Mode paves the way for a much-needed change to the adtech industry – one that puts the customer and user at the center, building a better and more trustful internet.”
– Mischa Rürup, CEO & Co-Founder at Usercentrics.

Usercentrics’ CMPs have supported Consent Mode since its launch in 2020. The integration helps companies balance a respect of data privacy choices and data-driven business on their websites by enabling measurement tools based on end-user consent. We are proud to expand our partnership with Google as a certified partner in its CMP Partner Program.

“Consent Mode perfectly supports our vision and mission at Usercentrics: we want to provide software services that can protect user privacy while enabling a thriving digital ecosystem. That is also what Consent Mode is about.”
– Daniel Johannsen, CTO & Co-Founder at Usercentrics.


About Usercentrics

Usercentrics is a global market leader in the field of Consent Management Platforms (CMP). We enable businesses to collect, manage and document user consents on websites and apps in order to achieve compliance with global privacy regulations while facilitating high consent rates and building trust with their customers.

Usercentrics believes in creating a healthy balance between data privacy and data-driven business, delivering solutions for every size of enterprise. Cookiebot CMP is our plug-and-play SaaS for smaller businesses and organizations, App CMP handles user consent on mobile apps, and Usercentrics CMP serves companies with enterprise-grade custom requirements for unifying consent and data from capture to processing.

Helping clients like Daimler, ING Diba and Konica Minolta achieve privacy compliance, Usercentrics is active in more than 100 countries, with 2000+ resellers and handles more than 61 million daily user consents.

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