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Forms of explicit consent - GDPR compliant and optimized

According to the ECJ ruling, it is clear that for a valid optin to be used for marketing and advertising purposes, the explicit consent of the user must be requested before cookies can be set. Another important factor for the voluntary nature of consent is the possibility of rejecting it. Depending on how the cookie banner is designed, the opt-in rate may be high or low. Website operators should therefore use a compliant but optimized configuration of the cookie banner. This can be achieved with a Consent Management Platform (CMP). In the webinar, we show which forms of the cookie banner are still legally permissible and what statistically leads to high opt-in rates.

What to expect

  • The current legal situation and requirements for a GDPR-compliant consent.
  • The Solution: A Consent Management Platform (CMP)
  • Tips for the practical implementation of a CMP with legal security and maximum opt-in rate

Who is the webinar addressing?

Marketing and IT professionals, corporate lawyers, website operators and agencies

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Prof. Dr. Christoph Bauer, ePrivacy

Prof. Dr. Christoph Bauer

Founder and Managing Director
ePrivacy GmbH

Christoph Bauer has worked for 20 years in the media industry in the area of finance/controlling and as CFO/COO in well-known companies such as Bertelsmann and AOL. Most recently he operated as CFO/COO of wunderloop.