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app best practices
Whitepapers Jun 22, 2023

Playing by the Rules: Best Practices for Apps and Games Compliance

Unearth the secrets of smart consent management with our best practice ebook that puts you in command of data privacy compliance for apps. From optimizing...

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Usercentrics Mobile Gaming Report
Whitepapers Apr 18, 2023

Consent in Mobile Games: hidden benefits and low-hanging fruit!

User consent is a huge opportunity for mobile gaming monetization. In Usercentrics’ latest industry report, learn why consent is lucrative and becoming critical...

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Mobile Apps GDPR
Whitepapers Nov 15, 2022

Mobile Apps: the Wild West of data privacy?

This report highlights the high rate of GDPR noncompliance on mobile apps in the EU

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Pharma Report 500x500-01
Whitepapers Mar 21, 2022

EU pharmacy webshops: How GDPR violations put customer trust at risk

This report highlights the high rate of GDPR non-compliance within popular pharma eCommerce sites in the EU.

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Google consent mode checklist
Checklists Mar 25, 2024

Google Consent Mode checklist to meet Google’s EU privacy requirements

Our Google Consent Mode (GCM) checklist helps you understand and comply with Google’s requirements. Obtain and signal valid user consent for privacy compliance.

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Make sure you comply with the GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive by following these simple steps in our Checklist.
Checklists Oct 17, 2023

Easy checklist to be ready for compliance with the Digital Markets Act (DMA)

Our Digital Markets Act compliance checklist helps you understand the requirements of the regulation. Achieve and maintain privacy compliance and business...

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Switzerland's Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP)
Checklists Jul 21, 2023

FADP Checklist

Learn what you need to know to comply with Switzerland’s FADP privacy law.

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Data Privacy Compliance Checklist for Website Building Platforms
Checklists Mar 14, 2023

Data Privacy Compliance Checklist for Website Building Platforms

Our checklist for website building platforms helps you achieve and maintain privacy compliance.

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Case Studies

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Steiff delivers best shopping experience with Usercentrics
Case Studies Jun 13, 2024

Steiff delivers best shopping experience with Usercentrics

Steiff adopts Usercentrics CMP for GDPR compliance across two domains: their staging system and their public website.

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Usercentrics Data Privacy Compliance Case Study with AMBOSS
Case Studies Jun 13, 2024

AMBOSS protects data for global user base with Usercentrics

Usercentrics Consent Management Platform (CMP) helps Amboss achieve GDPR compliance across 5 websites and 8 mobile apps.

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Case study with Heyjobs - Usercentrics
Case Studies Jan 17, 2024

Case study with HeyJobs

Usercentrics helps HeyJobs meet legal requirements and build strong brand trust among recruiters and candidates.

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Case study with Mediashop
Case Studies Nov 1, 2023

MediaShop chooses Usercentrics CMP for web and mobile

Beyond compliance: Usercentrics helps MediaShop ensure respect for user privacy and positive customer relationships.

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One Pagers

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RFI Template by Usercentrics
One Pagers Jan 10, 2023

RFI Template by Usercentrics

Usercentrics RFI Template

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Onepager Implementation Partner
One Pagers Mar 3, 2021

Onepager Implementation Partner

Implement our CMP through one of our partners and benefit from their expertise and knowledge in the field of data protection

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Onepager Referral Partner
One Pagers Jan 11, 2021

Onepager Referral Partner

Why partnering with Usercentrics? Join our mission to bring legal requirement into harmony with marketing strategies.

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Data Privacy Jun 12, 2024

Our picks for the 8 best data privacy management software compared (2024)

Learn about the 8 best privacy management software solutions on the market now. Compare key features to find the...

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ultimate guide App regulations
AppsData Privacy Jun 10, 2024

App privacy guide: App privacy regulations and privacy policy

Find out how user consent and privacy compliance influence apps, and how the Usercentrics consent management SDK can help...

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APIs, CMS integration, and CMPs for DMA compliance

APIs, content management systems and consent management platforms working together can help you achieve compliance with the Digital Markets...

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Data selling 101

Data selling 101: protecting your business and your customers’ privacy

We look at how and why online users’ personal data is collected, why it's sold, the legalities behind data...

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Google BigQuery
Articles Jul 15, 2021

Optimizing your BigQuery tables using clustering

Besides the table partitioning to improve performance and costs in BigQuery, there is also another technique available called clustering.

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Articles Jul 14, 2021

GDPR cookie consent – now and in the future

Tracking Cookies and the GDPR: Why not all cookies are the chocolate chip kind? What are tracking cookies and...

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CCPA Checklist
Regulations Jul 8, 2021

CCPA Checklist

Make sure you comply with California's Data Privacy Law by following these simple steps in our CCPA Checklist.

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Articles Jul 1, 2021

Apple’s App Tracking Transparency: 7 upcoming scenarios

With the launch of iOS 14.5, Apple has finally rolled out its App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework just under...

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