Consumer Trust and Bot Traffic

Consumer Trust and Bot Traffic: two areas that can make or break your ad revenue.

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Consumer Trust and Bot Traffic

When thinking of ad revenue, consumer trust and bot traffic might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Research highlights that these are two very important areas for the right marketing strategy as any data-driven marketing strategy can be rendered pointless without reliable data. What exactly can compromise your data? Well we’ve divided it into two areas:

It is no secret that consumer trust plays a large role in having strong consent rates, which ultimately affects data driven marketing. That’s why the proper CMP is necessary for a website in order to provide consumers with a granular and transparent approach to consent collection. But it doesn’t stop here. Did you know that bots account for half of all internet traffic which affects all verticals from E-commerce to Travel to Fintech, skewing marketing data and analytics such as opt in or conversion rates.

Join us in on this discussion as we dive into how you can enable bot detection and strengthen consumer trust, ultimately elevating ad revenue. Our expert speakers, Felipe Iregui from Usercentrics, a GDPR solution for enterprise customers and online marketing agencies and Dominik Johnson from, a Munich-based fraud detection company helping businesses minimize risks associated with automated non-human traffic, will be part of the talk.

¹The webinar partner is Fraud0 GmbH


Dominik Johnson

Dominik Johnson

Head of Sales and Marketing
fraud0 GmbH
Felipe Iregui

Felipe Iregui

Global Director of Platform Partnerships
Usercentrics GmbH

Over the +10 years of career spent building and leading tech businesses, Felipe has gained a wealth of experience in making complex and innovative technology broadly adopted by businesses and individuals. He leads the Platform Partnership team at Usercentrics, helping build a data privacy first digital ecosystem via partner integrations. Ex-Googler, co-founder of two digital start ups, and leading teams across top innovative public and private companies. On the long and uneven road to simplify legal compliance for companies, he is a strong advocate for protecting user privacy while allowing businesses to flourish.

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