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Data Privacy Trends 2023

Listen to our highly popular and informative webinar where we discuss the latest data privacy trends.
by Usercentrics
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Data privacy trends

The rapid development of data privacy can be daunting for companies if the answer to the question of “where are we headed” remains unknown

This webinar focuses on the strongest trends of data privacy for 2023 with the cookieless future in mind. Where are the current data privacy legislations headed? especially for consumer privacy? Learn what challenges a cookieless future presents for your company in 2023, and how to turn these challenges into advantages.

So ​​how can your company’s strategy open up new opportunities for preference-based advertising and add a human factor to communication by confronting raw data with the real needs of real customers? The answer is: by emphasizing zero- and first-party data and looking at consumer preferences. The forecast is clear: 2023 is to become virtually cookie-less resulting from a dramatic overhaul of the behavioral advertising tech space.

The importance of collecting better and clear user data is more important than ever in 2023, join this webinar to learn more! Created especially with DPO’s, Marketers, Marketing Operations and Data Strategists in mind.

Key points:

  • Future of tracking and analytics
  • Strong shift towards 0 party and 1st party data collection
  • Trends in consumer data privacy legislations and enforcement for 2023- legislative trends

¹the webinar partner is Ben Humphrey


Ben Humphrey

Ben Humphrey

Advisor/ consultant for the adtech industry

Ben hones 25 years of experience across the European advertising technology ecosystem, and is a passionate advocate for the adtech industry, believing that advertising provides an invaluable benefit to society, through universal access to quality content. Currently he is a consultant having founded two data-related businesses, ex Microsoft, and previously led a European DSP and co-wrote the Ethical Adtech Manifesto. He is a former Board Director of IAB Europe, a current Governance Board member for TCF, and an active participant in many industry forums and trade bodies.

Image PaulImage_Paul

Paul Schoepplenberg

Product Manager
Usercentrics GmbH

A vital part of the product team, Paul has been working at Usercentrics since 2020 and has been deeply involved in the customers’ technical integration processes of the CMP due to his technical background. He now uses his extensive market & customer experience as a Product Manager for the further development of our product landscape. As a result, he is an expert in data-driven solutions and has a high expertise for Server-Side Tagging and the future of consent.

Tilman Harmeling profile photo

Tilman Harmeling

Senior Expert Privacy
Usercentrics GmbH

Having focused on the business and technical complexities of privacy throughout his career, Tilman has gained significant and varied experience in how privacy markets work. He joined Usercentrics in 2018, and as Senior Expert Privacy, his goals are to understand the ever-changing privacy landscape and find opportunities for innovation. He works with global enterprises and universities, and is also a sought-after speaker on current privacy topics at events like PrivSec Global, OMR, DMEXCO, the BCG MarTech Series and Leadership Beyond Borders.

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