How fake traffic has infiltrated your marketing & analytics data
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How fake traffic has infiltrated your marketing & analytics data

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How fake traffic has infiltrated your marketing & analytics data

About the webinar

Anyone who has ever used ChatGPT can roughly imagine how the world will change in the near future due to technological advancements in artificial intelligence. The rise of the fake web has become a pressing issue in today’s digital landscape. Using modern AI, it is now trivial to spin up 100k fake bot accounts with human-like behavior for less than a penny per account. We are coming to the end of this version of the internet, and it will be replaced by something completely different. It has never been easier to program bots with human-like behavior and buy them on a large scale for little money.


What does the rise of AI-generated content, deep fakes, manipulated social media accounts and the spread of disinformation, mean for your marketing and analytics data?

What you’ll learn

  • What are bots and why do they come to your site?
  • How AI is accelerating this threat
  • Why is the Opt-in Rate of your website so important?
  • Do bots mess up your marketing data?
  • Which marketing channels are mostly affected
  • Learn how you can secure your website from fake traffic, gain control over your website privacy compliance, and make important decisions based only on valid data.

Who can benefit from this webinar?

This webinar can benefit any organization that collects and manages user data for business purposes. The key takeaways are particularly relevant for:

  • Companies that sell their products or services to users and collect user data for marketing purposes via websites.
  • Companies that need to comply with local privacy laws and are looking for professional tools and strategies to achieve compliance.
  • Website owners who want to use various cookies and avoid potentially hefty fines for non-compliant use.

Watch it on demand

This on-demand webinar is now available at no charge to anyone who wants to turn privacy compliance into competitive advantage.


Don’t miss your chance to learn from our experts.


¹the webinar partner is fraud0


Tilman Harmeling profile photo

Tilman Harmeling

Senior Expert Privacy
Usercentrics GmbH

Having focused on the business and technical complexities of privacy throughout his career, Tilman has gained significant and varied experience in how privacy markets work. He joined Usercentrics in 2018, and as Senior Expert Privacy, his goals are to understand the ever-changing privacy landscape and find opportunities for innovation. He works with global enterprises and universities, and is also a sought-after speaker on current privacy topics at events like PrivSec Global, OMR, DMEXCO, the BCG MarTech Series and Leadership Beyond Borders.

Daniel Distler

Daniel Distler

Co-founder and Managing Director

Daniel Distler has been passionate about digital marketing for more than 15 years. He gained his first experience in the Online Travel Industry and then spent a big part of his career at Telefónica Germany where he e.g. was responsible for various digital transformation projects, built up the first ad tech stack and managed the Performance Marketing team for various brands. Since 2023 he joined fraud0 as Managing Director and helps companies to tackle the big topic of fraud and media quality. He also runs his own online marketing podcast “Marketing Pioneers”.

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