Data Privacy Compliance

Turning Data Privacy Compliance Into Your Competitive Advantage

Watch Usercentrics’ webinar and unlock the benefits that come with data privacy compliance.
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Data Privacy Compliance

About the webinar


Data privacy laws now protect the majority of the world’s population. But protecting user data isn’t just a legal requirement, it’s an important step in building trust with your customers.


Do you need to bring your site into compliance with relevant regulations and stay up to date?


Or maybe you’ve achieved privacy compliance and want to make the most of it?


Privacy compliance benefits your business. Watch our latest webinar.


What you’ll learn


  • The importance of data privacy regulations that affect your business
  • Latest developments and trends in the EU and US privacy landscape
  • How to apply effective strategies to profit from privacy compliance
  • How to build trust with customers using clear consent management and privacy policies

Who can benefit from this webinar?


This webinar can benefit any organization that collects and manages user data for business purposes. The key takeaways are particularly relevant for:

  • Companies that sell their products or services to users and collect user data for marketing purposes via websites.
  • Companies that need to comply with local privacy laws and are looking for professional tools and strategies to achieve compliance.
  • Website owners who want to use various cookies and avoid potentially hefty fines for noncompliant use.

Watch it on demand


This on-demand webinar is now available at no charge to anyone who wants to turn privacy compliance into competitive advantage. Don’t miss your chance to learn from our expert.


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Hannah Sork

Hannah Sork

Strategic Partner Manager - Platform Partnerships
Usercentrics GmbH

As Strategic Partner Manager at Usercentrics, Hannah Sork manages the largest partnerships in the DACH region. She helps them capitalize on new business opportunities by integrating data privacy compliance solutions into their portfolios. Responsible for partner KPIs and leading co-marketing activities to accelerate their business growth, Hannah is part of a team focused on building a privacy-first digital ecosystem through partner integrations.

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