Share consents across
multiple domains

Showing your Privacy Banner only once for all your domains and sub-domains sounds like a perfect user-friendly solution to you? Look no further: With Usercentrics Cross Domain Consent Sharing you can share your users preferences via your different domains while also unifying your data collectivity strategy.

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You want your users to be able browse your domain and subdomains without being bothered by a Privacy Banner every time?

No problem! All you need to do is define your connected domains and activate the option to share consent information across different (sub-) domains in the Usercentrics CMP Admin Interface. 

⇨ If the user is hosted on a connected domain,  their device will not ask for consent again.

Sharing consent across different devices is also possible with our Usercentrics CMP. To find out more, check out our Cross Device Consent Sharing feature. 


  Show you care: remember the consent of your users to enhance their experience.


STEP 1: When the CDCS feature is active, the Usercentrics CMP injects an additional iFrame into the website and stores the consent information not only in the websites localStorage, but also in the iFrame’s localStorage.

STEP 2: When the user switches to another (Sub-)Domain, the iFrame’s localStorage is checked and if consent information is found, the consent information from the iFrame is stored into the localStorage of the new (Sub-)Domain.  

Cross-Domain-Consent-Sharing - Setup - Usercentrics


What you need to know

The same SettingsID (Java Script) has to be implemented on all (sub-)domains on which Cross Domain Consent Sharing is supposed to be activated.

Both the design of the Privacy Banner / Privacy Wall as well as all the Data Processing Services which are implemented on your website have to be the same on all (sub-)domains.

Once you activate our Cross Domain Consent sharing feature, make sure to correctly inform your users in your Privacy Notice that their consent will be shared across multiple websites.

Browser Restrictions:

 Safari: Safari does not share 3rd-Party localStorage across different browser tabs. Therefore if the user opens a link from a website in a new tab, he or she gets presented with the First Layer again (e.g. Privacy Banner / Wall). So unfortunately the functionality of the browser itself keeps us from sharing our iFrame’s localStorage across different tabs.  

 Firefox: When the Firefox option “Delete Cookies” is enabled, Firefox clears the localStorage on every opening of a new tab, so Sharing Consent across different browser tabs is not possible.

Cross-Domain-Consent-Sharing - Benefits - Usercentrics


Unify your data collectivity strategy

Cross Domain Consent Sharing allows you to maintain a single record of consent for each user across multiple domains.

Optimize your Opt-in rate
The less your users are bothered by pop-up banners on your website, the more likely they are to interact with your Privacy Banner and give consent to using their data.

This feature is available in our Business Package.