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Data Privacy Trends for Marketers to look out for in 2024

Webinar series: Consented: Privacy and Trust in SaaS Partnerships
by Usercentrics
Jan 25, 2024
Consented by Usercentrics - Podcast

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Date: 25 January 2024
Time: 4pm CET
Duration: 1 hour

Explore the data privacy trends to look out for in 2024: how AI will play a role in the privacy landscape, the effect of the end of third-party cookies on marketers and how to optimize your data strategy with new limitations.

What you’ll learn

  • An overview of data privacy trends for 2024
  • Online marketing trends for 2024
  • End of third-party data: what’s next in the cookieless world?
  • The role of partnerships in navigating privacy landscape changes

Who should watch

This webinar can benefit any organization that collects and manages user data for business purposes. The key takeaways are particularly relevant for:

  • Digital marketers looking to optimize data visibility and improve data-driven marketing performance.
  • Companies that collect user data for marketing purposes via websites.
  • Companies that need to comply with local privacy laws and are looking for professional tools and strategies to achieve compliance.
  • Website owners who want to use various cookies and avoid potentially hefty fines for non-compliant use.
  • Companies looking to boost customer experiences by making data-driven decisions from first-party data.

Consented: Privacy and Trust in SaaS Partnerships


Consented: Privacy and Trust in SaaS Partnerships is a captivating webinar podcast series hosted by Usercentrics, industry leader in consent and preference management solutions. In this thought-provoking series, Usercentrics brings together expert guest speakers from various SaaS, legal, and digital agencies to delve into the pressing issues surrounding user privacy and the consent economy.

¹the webinar partners are and matelso GmbH


Hannah Sork

Hannah Sork

Strategic Partner Manager - Platform Partnerships
Usercentrics GmbH

As Strategic Partner Manager at Usercentrics, Hannah Sork manages the largest partnerships in the DACH region. She helps them capitalize on new business opportunities by integrating data privacy compliance solutions into their portfolios. Responsible for partner KPIs and leading co-marketing activities to accelerate their business growth, Hannah is part of a team focused on building a privacy-first digital ecosystem through partner integrations.

Tilman Harmeling profile photo

Tilman Harmeling

Senior Expert Privacy
Usercentrics GmbH

Having focused on the business and technical complexities of privacy throughout his career, Tilman has gained significant and varied experience in how privacy markets work. He joined Usercentrics in 2018, and as Senior Expert Privacy, his goals are to understand the ever-changing privacy landscape and find opportunities for innovation. He works with global enterprises and universities, and is also a sought-after speaker on current privacy topics at events like PrivSec Global, OMR, DMEXCO, the BCG MarTech Series and Leadership Beyond Borders.

Abrar Sami

Abrar Sami

Product Marketing Manager

As a Product Marketing Manager at Dorik, Abrar leverages data-driven insights to create impactful campaigns that drive brand engagement and revenue growth. With a solid foundation in Tech and marketing and a degree in Management, Abrar has a keen understanding of the business and customer needs, and how to align them with innovative solutions.

Frank G. Froux

Frank G. Froux

Founder & CEO
matelso GmbH

Frank G. Froux is a proven specialist in the MarTech industry and founder and CEO of matelso GmbH, which was launched in 2006. In his 25-year career in the IT/tech sector, he’s developed his company into one of Europe’s leading call-tracking technology players with a solution-oriented, innovative and scientific approach. Now, the passionate entrepreneur is taking the next step with his company and further developing his successful service into a digital customer experience platform with a lot of foresight and a 360-degree view of new technologies as well as his customers' business goals and challenges.

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