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Google’s EU user consent policy – what’s changed and what does it mean for advertisers?

Podcast series: Consented Episode 2
by Usercentrics
Feb 29, 2024
Consented EP2 Thumbnail

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Google announced that they are ramping up enforcement of their EU user consent policy. Join our podcast panel of expert partners to find out what this means for your business and the steps you need to take to ensure your uninterrupted use your Google services.

What you’ll learn

  • What is Google’s EU user consent policy?
  • What are the implications of Google’s EU user consent policy for advertisers?
  • Google Consent Mode basic vs. advanced
  • Steps for successfully navigating Google’s requirements

Who should watch

This webinar will benefit organizations that collect and manage user data for business purposes. The key takeaways are particularly relevant for:


  • digital marketers looking to optimize data visibility and improve data-driven marketing performance
  • companies using Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform and Google Analytics
  • companies collecting user data for marketing purposes via websites
  • companies that need to comply with local privacy laws and looking for professional tools and strategies to achieve compliance


the webinar partners are BigID and DWC


Eike Paulat

Eike Paulat

Director of Product
Usercentrics GmbH

Eike Paulat is based in Denmark and is Director of Product at Usercentrics. A passionate product leader focused on customer-centric innovation, he’s been an instrumental pioneer in the privacy tech market. Spearheading our Google Consent Management Platform (CMP) Partnership, he’s also Usercentrics’ primary liaison for Google service integrations and privacy developments.

Felipe Iregui

Felipe Iregui

Global Director of Platform Partnerships
Usercentrics GmbH

With over 10 years building and leading tech businesses, Felipe has gained a wealth of experience making complex and innovative technology that’s been broadly adopted by businesses and individuals. He leads the Platform Partnership team at Usercentrics, helping build a data privacy-first digital ecosystem via partner integrations. Felipe is an ex-Googler and cofounder of two digital startups, having led teams at top innovative public and private companies. On the long and often bumpy road to simplify legal compliance for companies, he is a strong advocate for protecting user privacy while enabling businesses to flourish.

Max Lucas

Max Lucas

Senior Consultant & Managing Director

As Senior Consultant & Managing Director at DWC, Max assists companies with the implementation, optimization, and maintenance of the Usercentrics CMP and Web Analytics software. DWC is an agency specializing in Consent and Data Management.

Julian Hicks

Julian Hicks

Director, Privacy Solutions

Julian has a number of years working in the privacy & compliance space with solutions that help privacy professionals manage their day to day operational needs. He has been with BigID for two years in a global facing role and focuses on the broad range of privacy applications that BigID brings to the market.

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